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The Hawk

I didn’t really know what I was doing when I was shooting and editing ‘The Hawk’. Right off the heels and cuff of a six week 300 or so film watching spree (+/- 50), I sort of just had to let it out, the way one would need to expel waste after consuming a ton of food or make a fool of oneself after falling madly in love. 2,445 more words


Takashi Shimura in the climactic battle scene from SEVEN SAMURAI by director Akira Kurosawa, 1954. Seven down-on-their-luck samurai are hired to defend a poor village from 40-plus ruthless bandits. 8 more words

A Sense of History at Toie Uzumasa Eigamura 東映太秦映画村 (Toie Kyoto Studio Park)

I love Japanese movies. I have watched a number of jidaigeki (period drama) about samurai specially those set in the late Edo period (Tokugawa Era). Akira Kurosawa’s… 520 more words


Visiting Akira Kurosawa's Grave in An'yō-in Temple, Kamakura

It was not a touristy place but worth a visit for someone who has admired the genius of master filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa. Known for such great classics like… 701 more words


By Crom

Caught the end of John Milius’s CONAN THE BARBARIAN on TV last night, a movie I saw when it came out. If my arithmetic is correct, it was an AA certificate and I was slightly too young. 456 more words