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Spam with Typos: Like Cyborgs with Water Damage

Lately my WordPress posts have been inundated with spammers. Unlike the obscene spam of years past, these more innovative folks prefer to make a flattering, ambiguous comment in hopes that readers would click on their name, which links to a retail website (or something). 490 more words


How to manage your blog better:Don't want unwanted Comments and Spams

As an active participant in the online space with an active blog, it is important to manage your blog better. Hence the blog should have a copyright for one’s blog and ensure that the blog is free from random comments and spam. 354 more words

Contemporary Media Work Practices

A (redacted) day in the life on the Akismet team

Many of my colleagues have recently posted about their workdays, which you can follow here. This inspired me to share a little about my days, and what I work on. 147 more words


Claim your comments!

I have seven spam comments in my queue right now. If you’re wondering how they got there, it is Akismet’s judgement and sometimes spam protectors make mistakes. 112 more words

Perse's News

Like many blogs, we receive a fair bit of comment spam. One advantage of hosting at WordPress.com is that they provide a fairly strong anti-spam filter (from… 4,260 more words


Blog Posts: WordPress or LinkedIn?

In the past few weeks, a number of people have asked me for advice about the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a publishing platform.

In some respects, the answer to the question can be found in the fact that these enquiries have all been triggered by people reading the posts I have published on LinkedIn. 562 more words

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