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Marathon Training: Week 3

They say, when life hands you lemons, grab your tequila.  But this past week, I grabbed my car keys and my dog and headed for the hills.  298 more words


E/WOD's for the week of July 28th.

We are into week five of our Akron Marathon Training. Seven more weeks to go. Make sure to get your time trial in so you can evaluate where your fitness level is at! 39 more words


New Habits

It’s been awhile since I came to update this blog. There are a number of reasons I pulled away, but a pretty big reason was that I got into some bad habits. 434 more words


Marathon Training: Week 2

I have to say that week 1 left me feeling a little nervous.  Were the paces for my 3 runs too fast?  Would I fall into the trap of only doing my cross training and giving up on the runs and then completely bonking at the marathon?   470 more words


Akron Marathon Relay Panera Team Bloggers

As you probably know — since I think most of you have muted these conversations by now — I’m like 900% obsessed with my #Team4PrincessesandaFrog aka the peeps I’m running the Akron Marathon relay with in September.   452 more words


Johnny Depp: The Man of My Dreams

I love the crazy plots my sub conscience gives me during slumber. What I love even more is deciphering the crazy weirdness that may come from it. 499 more words


Can't believe it's JULY!!!

Well, Hello there!

I’ve been missing for quite a while I guess.

I actually have another blog called Cleveland Kiddos where I’ve been writing about fun things to do around the city of Cleveland with kids but this is supposed to be my place to write about all the other things that I want to write about and I just haven’t had time. 524 more words

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