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Jerusalem's significance in Islam

Jerusalem is a holy city for all 3 Abrahamic faiths; it is holy to Judaism, holy to Christianity, and holy to Islam. From an Islamic perspective, what is Jerusalem’s significant for Muslims? 757 more words


Ps. Al-Aqsa Mosque isn’t just for Palestinians or for Arabs… It’s for ALL MUSLIMS

The burnt mats in Al-Qibli Mosque in Al-Aqsa after the thrown of tear gas and sound bombs by Zionists this morning… Where ARE MUSLIMS???


Nasrallah’s speech affirms unity between Resistance factions, warns of Western plots in the region

By SAMI KLEIB, al-akbar english

Beirut (July 25) – Now is not the time to talk about disappointments and the past. It is more important for the Resistance to win in Palestine because its victory is a further step towards undermining the foundations of the other axis that protects Israel. 1,119 more words


A Palestinian medic inspects a damaged room at Al-Aqsa hospital

A Palestinian medic inspects a damaged room at Al-Aqsa hospital, which witnesses said was damaged in Israeli shelling on Monday, in Deir El-Balah in the central Gaza Strip