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Birth of ISIS - A Long Gestation Period - And the Objectives

US Intelligence decide to create a Muslim Terrorist Apparatus as a Geopolitical Weapon (1979 – here)  In brief: 1,247 more words

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ISIS attempts to sabotage U.S. coalition plan

Islamic State leaders make a surprising political move that severed part of President Obama’s plan for U.S. led military action against the group.

The news comes just as Secretary of State, John Kerry winds down his visit to various Middle Eastern nations in an attempt to rally support for a U.S. 983 more words


What Is The ISIS Coalition?

Since the foundation of a “core coalition” including Turkey was announced at the NATO Summit last week, we are all wondering what this “coalition” means, what its mission will be and what is expected from Turkey. 642 more words


Obama's strategy against ISIL

US President Barack Obama announced a campaign of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL”. He contemplates helping the opposition groups fighting in Syria against the ISIL fighters but not to the Syrian regime that also fights the extremists, because he thinks Al Assad has lost his legitimacy. 861 more words

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The Cowardly Lion Obama

President Obama Hussein Obama has authorized drones to fly over Syria to photograph the area and look for ISIS troops.
Past couple of years Obama has sent to rebel groups non aggressive military equipment to fight Bashar al-Assad and to over throw his government. 464 more words



The Syrian boss al-Assad,
As usual is somewhat bad,
But time and again
Arabs bow to strong men,
And the rebels, well they’re clearly mad. 33 more words