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The Vast Majority of Syrians Are Opposed to an Islamic Caliphate

The Islamist insurgents who have seized towns and cities across Iraq and Syria in recent weeks have not received the warmest of welcomes from their new charges. 169 more words

What To Do With Iran?

What is worse: Iran with the Bomb or bombing Iran? This is a question we must reconsider as diplomats return to Vienna this week to discuss Iran’s nuclear program. 1,024 more words


ISIS Becoming A Huge Issue

The chamber of horrors of the Syrian civil war has spawned a terrorist group so extreme that it has been rejected even by al-Qaeda — and this toxic group is now establishing a safe haven in the city of Raqqah in northern Syria that could soon be used to attack foreign targets. 696 more words


Don't blame the US, blame Qatari businessmen and Saudi Arabia for the ISIS movement

In the coming weeks, as the corporate media seeks to weave a new narrative to deceive the American people as well as the West, they will try to claim that the failure to launch airstrikes last year in Syria meant that ISIS could grow unchecked. 1,135 more words

Syria election: Bashar al-Assad holds on to power at all costs

The Independent’s Robert Fisk witnesses Assad’s paper victory amid a bloody war

It’s really all a question of proportion.

Field Marshal Sisi’s 93.7 per cent presidential electoral victory in Egypt last week must surely be outshone by Bashar al-Assad today, albeit that the skies of Damascus were filled with howling fighter jets and the thump of explosions as its citizens shouted and danced – I kid thee not – outside the voting booths. 1,305 more words


Bachar Al-Assad en route pour un nouveau mandat

Mardi auront lieu les élections présidentielles en Syrie. Ces élections ne devraient cependant pas mettre en danger l’actuel président syrien.

A la veille des élections présidentielles en Syrie, Bachar Al-Assad est d’ores et déjà donné vainqueur du scrutin. 211 more words

L'actu à Chaud

WATCH: Life in Damascus Ahead of Syria Elections

In the midst of a civil war that has killed more than 150,000 people, Syrians will cast their ballots on Tuesday in an election that is… 174 more words