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Chaotic Syria

~The fate of a region lies in Syria’s soil~

It is no secret that Syria is tearing itself apart. Insurgent rebel groups are fighting not just the government but also themselves. 1,161 more words

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As a result of the Syrian Civil War, over 200 000 people have lost their lives.

As living conditions worsen by the day and safety becomes scarce, millions are forced to leave the country or enter the conflict. 145 more words

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A Bloody Conflict

The Syrian Civil War has been a deadly conflict since the very start, when Assad first fired on peaceful protesters.

All sides involved in the conflict have been accused of committing crimes against humanity due to the many massacres conducted. 64 more words

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Bashar Al-Assad and the Ba'ath Party

In 1963, the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party took power in Syria through a Coup d’État and have remained in power since.

Hafez Al-Assad took part in a second coup d’État which toppled the leaders of the Ba’ath party in 1966 and took over as defence minister in the new government. 102 more words

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Why the Need for Revolution?

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Syrians have been oppressed by their government for a long time by the Assad family, and were fed up of their autocratic and oppressive government. 105 more words

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