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Though most are more familiar with the Brian De Palma remake with Al Pacino (I plan on watching and reviewing it within the next week), Howard Hawks’ … 707 more words


Milk Expiration Dates - Courtesy of Al Capone

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When shoppers shop for dairy products, more often than not they check the expiration date. What does is mean and why is it there? 724 more words


Week 6 - Lauren & The Lost Spoons (Philadelphia)

I awoke with every intention of leaving the hostel and actually doing stuff. As soon as I stepped outside I was slightly less inclined to do anything. 719 more words

Chicago, 6ft above

The people from Chicago pride them selves, on what they call, their ‘never give up, look ahead’ attitude towards life. The say that the most notorious example of this came with The Great Chicago fire, which occurred on the 8th of octubre of 1871. 350 more words


Rich vs. Poor

Although the Eastern State Penitentiary was a hellish place, it seems that some people lived quite comfortably. If you take a look at the two pictures, you will see the differences immediately. 283 more words

Eastern State Penitentiary

The penitentiary is an awesome visit for anyone coming into Philadelphia. You can visit the cell were Al Capone was held from 1929-1930. The best time in my humble opinion to visit the penitentiary is in late September through October: TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS, (because a haunted house isn’t scary enough we decided to make a haunted prison) it’s a wild time from the beginning to the end. 39 more words