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“Manusia dikurniakan akal dan sekaligus hawa nafsu. Manusia perlu menguasai ilmu agar dapat berfikir secara rasional dan matang serta bijak menilai antara yang hak dengan yang batil… 29 more words


Scepticism and Heterodoxy in Medieval Islamdom

Scepticism and heterodoxy has a long, celebrated history within Islam. This post will discuss the ideas and contributions of a very famous heterodox scholar of medieval Islamdom: Abu al-Ala al Ma’arri. 951 more words

Scholars Past And Present


Am I really just like 80 million young people in this country? Are we so easy to characterize? Am I so easy to characterize?

What about that beating heart that desires to be singular and unique, known intimately in intricacy, the divine finger print making us each our own?

Macro realities and micro realities.

On My Mind

Syrian 'World of Interiors'

In peaceful times World of Interiors might easily have been the sub-title for My House in Damascus. The Arabic concept of the baatin meaning the internal aspect that can only be sensed, as opposed to the zaahir  signifying the outward visible surface, is one of the leitmotivs of the book, re-awakened from my distant undergraduate days studying medieval Arabic literature at Oxford. 623 more words


God as the 'Prime Mover'? Refuting the Cosmological Argument

The cosmological argument, a classical argument for a ‘prime mover’, was first advanced by the ancient philosopher Aristotle. The argument attempts to demonstrate, by appealing to the impossibility of an infinite regress, that the causal history of the universe cannot be infinitely long; there had to be some first cause, itself uncaused, namely, the prime mover. 974 more words


I was trying a ting but...

Sinful acts never change status with intention. Al-Ghazali

One cannot claim to be doing good because their intention was good but the way to that good was by doing evil.