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Clarity Of Moral Values: Al-Ghazali [rahimahullah]

Clarity of values gives us a sense of who we are and why we do what we do. If we have an internal conflict between our values and our strategy, we will not succeed. 393 more words

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An Islamic Humanism

There is a battle raging across the world for the soul of Islam: on one hand we have the strict, (usually) literalist legalism which claims to adhere to the “tradition”. 954 more words

Current Affairs

Lirik Lagu AL Ghazali - Istimewa

Lirik Lagu AL Ghazali – Istimewa

Kau tak pernah mencoba untuk
Membalas semua pesan singkatku
Padahal itu menyenangkanku

Di sini aku menantimu
Bersama waktu yang membunuhku… 165 more words


Time Waits for None: Reflections on Surat al-'Asr

In one of the shortest chapters or surahs of the Qur’an, we read: By Time! Verily man is in loss; except those who believe and perform righteous deeds, and enjoin one another to the truth, and enjoin one another to patience. 3,143 more words

Sufism & Spirituality


“Manusia dikurniakan akal dan sekaligus hawa nafsu. Manusia perlu menguasai ilmu agar dapat berfikir secara rasional dan matang serta bijak menilai antara yang hak dengan yang batil… 29 more words


Scepticism and Heterodoxy in Medieval Islamdom

Scepticism and heterodoxy has a long, celebrated history within Islam. This post will discuss the ideas and contributions of a very famous heterodox scholar of medieval Islamdom: Abu al-Ala al Ma’arri. 951 more words

Scholars Past And Present


Am I really just like 80 million young people in this country? Are we so easy to characterize? Am I so easy to characterize?

What about that beating heart that desires to be singular and unique, known intimately in intricacy, the divine finger print making us each our own?

Macro realities and micro realities.

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