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Philosophy and the Abrahamic Faiths

It is a worthy question to ask why the various Abrahamic faiths have different attitudes to philosophy. Here are some of my embryonic thoughts on the matter. 1,116 more words

Intellectual Life

The need for education


“Ignorance and heedlessness are the sources of all misery; knowledge and awareness are the bases of all felicity.” ~Imam Al-Ghazālī

ImamAl-Ghazālī was an Islamic scholar, with a wealth of knowledge, including the sciences, Islamic Jurisprudence, and was a teacher, author and excelled in debating. 191 more words

Al Ghazali


Imam al-Ghazali holds that arrogance requires two people for its outward manifestation: the arrogant one and the one to whom the arrogance is shown. But the possessor of vanity does not need a second person. 230 more words

Al Ghazali Main Film Baru

Cowok ganteng yang pinter main DJ, Al Ghazali kini juga main film. Ia jadi aktor utama di film Runaway yang dirilis dalam waktu dekat ini. Al dipilih karena rupanya namanya sedang melambung tinggi ini bakalan jadi daya jual yang oke. 160 more words