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The Arctic melt myth: Seven years ago Al Gore predicted the Arctic would be ice free -- he was wrong

In 2007 — during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech — Al Gore predicted the ice cap of the Northern arctic would disappear because of man-made global warming. 582 more words


Washington Whispers on Obama’s Immigration Action + More - Daily Digest

The Patriot Post ~


“To cherish and stimulate the activity of the human mind, by multiplying the objects of enterprise, is not among the least considerable of the expedients, by which the wealth of a nation may be promoted.” –Alexander Hamilton, Report on Manufactures, 1791… 2,138 more words

Climate Change

NOAA Data Tampering - Always Worse Than It Seems

I changed my environment to use the identical set of 1,218 stations for GHCN HCN daily data, as are used for the  USHCN monthly data. 68 more words

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Make the data fit the result that you want is what they do --- the new science!

Climate Science Explained In One Simple Graph

 Climate is complicated, but climate science isn’t.

US winter temperatures plummeted from 1950 to 1979. Scientists reacted to this with the global cooling scare, as reported by Science News in 1975… 110 more words

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Its amazing what you can do with data today! We could prove just about anything today even climate change I bet ... lol

The Primary Driver Of Climate

The Cause Of An Ice Age

It has been known for over 110 years that the primary driver of climate on Earth is variations in the planet’s orbit and rotation.

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Apparently we have forgotten a lot. We knew more a hundred years ago it would seem. I have been working on this aspect for almost a decade now and I agree this is more right than any of the believers at NOAA, NASA as well as the British counter parts and the IPCC.

Arctic Ice Cap Expands By 41 Percent In Two Years; Al Gore Thought It Might Be Gone By Now

By Tom Blumer ~

Ice, ice baby. That’s what they have a lot more of in the Arctic.

The UK Daily Mail, one of those British tabloids the left has despised going back to the Clinton administration and its paranoia about… 679 more words

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