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Ukraine and Russia agree prisoner swap

Despite Moscow’s denials it has any direct role in the crisis in Ukraine, a prisoner swap of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers has taken place. Sixty-three Ukrainian soldiers were handed back in exchange for nine Russian paratroopers captured on Ukrainian soil last week. Al Jazeera’s…


Against the odds: Syria's flourishing mediascape

While everybody talks about ISIS or the Syrian regime there is indeed an effort being made by civil society and media activists to build an infrastructure for media pluralism: against all odds. 1,291 more words

Al Jazeera English: Jason Johnson on Race Relations After Ferguson

On Al Jazeera English, Hiram College professor Jason Johnson discussed the state of race relations after the shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Islamic State steps up recruitment campaign

The Islamic State group has stepped up its recruitment campaign, attracting thousands of fighters mostly from Iraq and Syria, but also Europe.Al Jazeera’s Courtney Keely examines how the armed group is using sophisticated methods to attract new fighters


Israeli airstrikes level Gaza buildings

Seven-storey office building and 11-floor residential tower collapse injuring dozens, as death toll crosses 2100 since the Israel-Hamas war began in July. Israel says the buildings housed Hamas fighters – a charge the Palestinians denied. 7 more words


Al Jazeera English: What can Obama do about Ferguson?

The days of protests, police repression and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri in the United States has exposed a great deal about the US for the world to see. 1,057 more words

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Al Jazeera English: Jason Johnson on White Attitudes in Ferguson

Al Jazeera English, Hiram College professor Jason Johnson discussed reaction in the white community of Ferguson, Missouri to the shooting death of Mike Brown.

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