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PKK Statement on the YJA-STAR and YPJ : International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


Revealing the disappeared truth in the Middle East

ANF – BEHDINAN 26.11.2014


The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was also marked by hundreds of guerrillas on the mountains of Kurdistan in Behdinan yesterday. 1,105 more words

War On Syria

Kurds vs. ISIS: Who is defending Kirkuk’s frontline?

Peshmerga forces deploy to repel any possible ISIS attacks from Mekteb and Halid regions in Kirkuk, Iraq on November 26, 2014. Anadolu Agency/Ali Mukarrem Garip…
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War On Syria

'Islamic state supplying half of all Afghan heroin coming to Europe' - Russia

Muslims are the most prolific contributors to crime in the entire Western world, whether they follow the Islamic state or not. Coincidence? Hardly.

The irony is that Isis will execute drug users and drug peddlers, and whip and punish people who smoke or drink. 365 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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The Boomer generation sure like their drugs! The drug cartels and all the drug problems are solely the fault of the Boomers need for them! This includes those that went into government.

ISIS pledge to send support to Ferguson, 'soldiers whose drink is blood, play is carnage'

Nothing is more oppressive than the Islamic state, which dictates people’s lives in the most horrendous way. But they use the feigned democracy argument to recruit and deceive. 1,013 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Well it would seem that every two bit thug wants to get in on the act or I mean loot!

With incentives and brute force, ISIS subdues tribes

The Islamic State group is employing multiple tactics to subdue the Sunni Muslim tribes in Syria and Iraq under its rule. (Reuters)

The Associated Press | Beirut… 877 more words


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Evil and that is what Islam is must be meet with a force greater than that which they use!

Another Muslim Pedophile gang convicted of running sex-slave ring in Britain

Same old, same old. The standard Muslim obsession with slavery, sexual assault, and rape is unraveled in yet another case from the Islamic western headquarters of Britanistan. 890 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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One would think that the Brits would wake up to what's happen in their country!

Syrian Army Ambushes, Kills Dozens of Terrorists

Local Editor

The Syrian army ambushed and killed dozens of militants in eastern Gouta in Damascus countryside, according to media reports.

The Syrian army on Thursday continued their military operations against terrorist organizations across the country, killing large number of their members, including Nusra Front terrorists. 615 more words

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