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A Message From America

I received this today and thought it worth passing on, for despite all the Muslim terrorist actions across the world, we are still doing everything we can to appease Muslims in general.

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Charlie Hebdo - Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire?

The tragic events of last week and the mass outpouring of indignation at the attack on free speech has it seems backfired. The release of the recent edition of Charlie Hebdo, with the cover featuring once again the Prophet Mohammed, has caused a storm of protest across the Islamic world. 825 more words


Forget Africa! Paris Is More Important?

The recent events in Paris have hit the headlines world-wide and caused mass outrage, but compared to what happened in Africa during the last few days, that event is minuscule. 864 more words


The Radical Cleric Dilemma

Many times I have written that in my view much of the trouble between Muslims and everyone else is the fault of radical Muslim clerics who feel it is their sacred duty to side with extremists. 852 more words


The Farce That Is Human Rights Watch

The events in Pakistan last week have convinced me that Human Rights Watch (HRW) are a bunch of sanctimonious idiots, and not for the first time. 936 more words