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Arabian Nights Review

Arabian Nights is basically a collection of Muslim fairy tales — except they are racist, sexist, and often make no sense.

The Basics

Title:¬†Arabian Nights… 836 more words

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this week on SNMN: Aladdin.

Nerd Standard Podcast Episode 15: A Salute to Robin Williams

This week’s podcast (or the week before last week’s, if you go by when we actually recorded it) is dedicated to the memory of Robin Williams. 79 more words


Aladdin on Broadway: Why It's a MUST SEE for any Broadway Lover or Disney Fan!

When it comes to Disney and/or Broadway shows,¬†I always have incredibly high expectations for what they’ll deliver. While Disney is always less likely to let me down, I’ve been to some Broadway shows that just don’t reach the potential I believe they could or should. 740 more words


That film when you were young

If you are old enough to have had the pleasure of watching films on VHS you will have films you watched until the tape was destroyed. 344 more words


"How many times do I have to kill you, boy?"

As of late here in NC, summer is rolling by and autumn is coming in. I don’t know about most cosplayers our there, but with the first gust of cool wind my mind goes directly to “OHSNAPITSALMOSTHALLOWEEN,” leading into “WHATAMIGONNAWEAR!” So naturally right after that burst of cool air I went directly to my to-do list of cosplay. 227 more words


Fair and Brave Maidens, Part One

In Canto Two, the old, wicked king of Jerusalem, Aladdin* wants to find a way to destroy the Christian population of the city, so that they don’t cooperate with the invaders and bring him down. 244 more words