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Happy Birthday Captain Britain, I still remember the time we first met.

Today is a great day for Captain Britain fans as on this day 38 years ago the UK’s best hero made his debut in Captain Britain issue 1, so you could say today is Captain Britain’s birthday. 1,082 more words

Captain Britain

Kaya adventures to Alan Davis

Kaya at Alan Davis beach and Pele’s Chair in the background

Shane and Kaya playing catch

Shane jumping off the pole at Alan Davis


Excalibur #43 - And Now for Something Completely Different

November 1991 – “Home Comforts”

Hope you’re ready for a different kind of book!

If Uncanny X-Men is an American sitcom, then Excalibur is Monty Python’s Flying Circus.   1,315 more words

Comic Books

Alan Davis

As a passionate beach goer, and someone who generally loves everything about the ocean, I find myself searching for excellent beaches. My standards include but not limited to: sunbathing, snorkeling, fish populations, sand, reefs, clear water, and much more. 273 more words

Alan Davis is amazing !

Supanova has come and gone, and the comic fans have returned from their pilgrimage to this most important festival of comics for another year. For your humble Comic Book Evangelist, this year’s Supanova left me with a feeling that I had all but touched the divine, as I had the chance to meet one of my favourite artists of all time – and the artist whose work I have been enjoying for the longest time too !! 942 more words


Alan Davis // Pele's Chair

Shortly after watching the sunrise at Makapuu Lighthouse, we went down a different path to Alan Davis beach and Pele’s Chair. Pele’s Chair is a rock formation that looks like a large chair from certain angles. 243 more words


waiiMakapuu Lighthouse at Sunrise

My cousin Rachel is visiting this week so we woke up early yesterday morning and watched the sunrise at the Makapuu Lighthouse. It’s a short 20-30 min paved path up to the top. 23 more words