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Review - Avengers Prime by Brian Michael Bendis & Alan Davis (Marvel)

News hit last week that the Marvel Universe is coming to an end in May. As someone who has been reading comics for almost twenty years now, I took the news in my stride: the way I see it, universes on both sides of the fence have undergone minute revamps, as well as massive overhauls, since I became invested in their characters. 324 more words


Detective 575 - Batman: Year Two begins

Detective 575 (June 1987) begins the four part Batman: Year Two storyline.  A sequel only in concept to Batman: Year One.  Curiously, although Mike W Barr writes the entire storyline, Alan Davis and Paul Neary provide the art for only the first issue. 146 more words

DC Comics

Detective 574 - the re-introduction of Leslie Thompkins

Continuing the story from the previous issue, Detective 574 (May 1987) sees Robin being tended to as Batman flashes back to his origin, thanks to Mike W Barr, Alan Davis and Paul Neary. 121 more words

DC Comics

Detective 573 - The Mad Hatter passes the hat

Detective 573 (April 1987) features the last appearance of the Mad Hatter in which Jervis Tetch resembles the Silver Age/tv version of the character.  Mike W Barr, Alan Davis and Paul Neary are the creative team on this story. 99 more words

DC Comics

Detective 571 - The Scarecrow makes Batman immune to fear

Barr, Davis and Neary give the Scarecrow his first post-Crisis story in Detective 571 (Feb. 87).

After two athletes die in accidents, Batman discovers that both had traces of a variation of the Scarecrow’s fear gas in their system.  73 more words

DC Comics

Detective 570 - Batman vs the Joker and Catwoman

Barr, Davis and Neary conclude their 2-part story that breaks up Batman and Catwoman in Detective 570 (Jan. 87).

There is a fair bit of Joker mania in the story.  167 more words

DC Comics

Detective 569 - The Joker comes between Batman and Catwoman

Mike W. Barr scripts as Alan Davis and Paul Neary supply the art for Detective 569 (Dec.86).  This issue begins a two-part story that ends the crime fighting partnership of Batman and Catwoman. 155 more words

DC Comics