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57 Year Old Man Breaks Space Jump Record – Without Breaking His Legs


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A 57 year old guy just broke the stratosphere jump record. He wanted to keep it low key. 305 more words


El hombre que rompió el récord de Felix Baumgartner, pero que a nadie le importó


Alan Eustace, quien es vicepresidente de Google, ha roto el récord de salto de Felix Baumgartner desde la estratósfera, pasando completamente desapercibido y sorprendiendo al mundo. 22 more words

Felix Baumgartner's Space Record is Broken

“Scottish Fish Invented Sex, although the cheese grater vagina was probably what killed them off, Formula 1 cars won’t be taking part in this weekend’s American Grand Prix, and Marty McFly and his hoverboard arrive in less than a year…”

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Eustace v Baumgartner - The Difference that a Social Media Campaign Makes

Last week, Google Senior Vice President Alan Eustace broke the world record for the world’s highest sky dive, leaping from an altitude of 135,890 feet, breaking the previous world record by 7790 feet. 405 more words

Social Media

Google Executive Sets New Supersonic Record In 24-Mile Skydive

Alan Eustace breaks sound barrier after jumping from 130,000 feet. A senior Google executive has broken the sound barrier and set a new freefall parachute record after jumping at more than 130,000ft – more than 24.5 miles from the Earth’s surface. 309 more words


Google executive Alan Eustace jumps 130,000ft from edge of space, setting new record

A 57-year-old Google executive is the world’s new space daredevil.

Alan Eustace yesterday traveled more than 25 miles up to the top of the stratosphere in a balloon and then parachuted back down to earth in Roswell, NM, at speeds of up to 822mph. 111 more words

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