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In the Shadows of Good and Evil: "13 West Street" (1962)

          “13 West Street”      (1962)

     “13 West Street” is an example of the juvenile delinquency movie of the later 50′s and early 60′s, which purports to caution against the roving teen and his natural inclination to violent antisocial behavior, while thoroughly frustrating the available arms of law enforcement, adult authority and, in this case, the hapless victims of such mayhem. 326 more words


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When I grow up, I'm gonna be a Statistician!

How many of us said that, I wonder? Rather than children dressing up as sheriffs or doctors or possibly even scientists (?), how many dressed up like Statisticians? 461 more words

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50s Westerns DVD News #151: Riding Herd On Warner Archive.

A while back, I brought up an exclusive at Collector’s Choice on some Alan Ladd pictures from Warner Archive. Well, that arrangement has about run its course, and those titles will soon be available through normal Warner Archive channels. 192 more words


The Proud Rebel (1958) Alan Ladd Day 5

While I will concede that Shane is accepted as the greatest film Alan Ladd probably ever appeared in, it still stands as my second favorite. The Proud Rebel has always been the film with Ladd that I love to revisit and count as my personal fave. 794 more words

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China (1943) Alan Ladd Day 4 of 5

Alan Ladd proves himself Expendable material here as an American doing business with the Japanese in war torn China before the United States declared war upon Japan following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 516 more words

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Hell Below Zero (1954) Alan Ladd Day 3 of 5.

Like many actors in the fifties, Alan Ladd went overseas for a period of eighteen months to do a succession of films abroad due to tax loop holes. 594 more words

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