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Join us for Something Wonderful I Missed: The Musicals of 1994 This Sunday!

Our next concert at the Derry Opera House this Sunday has everything – from Sunset Boulevard and Beauty and the Beast to lesser-known gems like… 38 more words

Movie 35: Hercules

I guess if there is such a thing as a guilty pleasure Disney movie, Hercules is mine.  I know it’s got lots of problems and is probably drawn for Saturday morning airing more than a feature film but I love the music and it makes me laugh.  1,667 more words


Movie 34: Hunchback of Notre Dame

If you had asked me going into this project what my least favorite Disney movie is I would have said Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Indeed when I asked my friends on facebook and instagram what their least favorite was Hunchback and Pocahontas were at the top of the list: 2,622 more words


Movie 33: Pocahontas

A few days ago I did an informal poll amongst my friends asking ‘which Disney Renaissance movie is your least favorite?’.  While it had a few fans, the overwhelming choices were Pocahontas and Hunchback of Notre Dame and I’d  probably be right there with them. 2,408 more words


Movie 28: The Little Mermaid

Here we go. How to talk about a favorite film?  It’s tough.  I’ll have you all know I watched it 3 times for this review . 3,424 more words


Music for Writing: Home

Adventures are great, but sometimes it’s lovely for your character to return home. Here are some of my favourite tracks to listen to when writing a scene like that. 76 more words


Aladdin: a review

A few weeks ago I spent 10 days in the USA. I was lucky enough to go and see the Broadway production of Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York. 1,308 more words