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Allow Alan Rickman To Screw Up Your Childhood With This Creative Short Film

I’ll just flat out tell you that there are spoilers below regarding this short, so you might want to watch it before reading. After that we can discuss how… 130 more words

Web Culture

Shorts Spotlight: Dust

In Dust, Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) plays Todd, a loner who begins stalking a single mother (Jodie Whittaker of… 115 more words

Short Films

SWEENEY TODD (2007) - Shave and a haircut, two slits!

I came to Sweeney Todd with a clean slate, as it were. I’d never seen any of the previous stage or screen versions, and I’m generally adverse to the archly ironic style of Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim. 364 more words


Entente cordiale

(the Entente Cordiale) The understanding between Britain and France reached in 1904, forming the basis of Anglo-French cooperation in the First World War. source

The basis of this feline non-aggression-treaty is solid: no human presence allowed. 389 more words

Me Myself & I

When I suddenly become immensely rich, how will I show my contempt for others?

I’m a simple man, and my immediate needs are easily satisfied.  So what am I to do, when some truly ludicrous amount of cash suddenly just drops into my lap, how am I going to exploit this opportunity?   507 more words

Short Film Friday: Dust (Dir: Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell)

Dust is a beautifully shot subversive short film, playing on society’s fascination with the loner stalking us from the shadows. The deviant. The sociopath predator who stares at our children from a distance, eerily, and for nefarious purposes. 156 more words


Love Actually

Richard Curtis (2003)

All I want for Christmas is you.