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Vampire Diaries at SDCC 2014!

The cast of The Vampire Diaries posing for photos at the San Diego Comic Con 2014

True Blood

Some Very Good Reasons Why Transistor Is This Years Best Game So Far

Very rarely is it that a game can surprise me – and Transistor managed to surprise me with just about everything.  It set the perfect mood with its beautiful art style and soundtrack.  61 more words


Wolfenstein Is A Blast, But Falls Short Of Greatness

Is it story that drives arcade shooter games these days?  Sometimes I wonder if Call of Duty has held things back more than pushed them forwards, and… 41 more words


One Finger Death Punch. With A Title Like That, How Can It Fail?

I never expected much from Silver Dollar Games.  I first came across their work on the – frankly laughable – Xbox Live Indie Games section, where Minecraft clones and Zombie-Killing games go to die.  77 more words


Valens – Emperor Against the World Part 2

A prophecy: Emperor Valens would burn

As mentioned in part 1, though Emperor Valens ruled the eastern Roman Empire, his strangeness led to a paranoia that the world was against him. 646 more words

Historical Fiction

How Not To Use Early Access: Tango Fiesta

It took me a long time to write about Early Access title, Tango Fiesta, mostly because I was searching for something positive I could say about it.


The Last of the Legions - A brief look at the armies of Rome's Twilight

Rome’s Legions: All-Conquering? Invincible? Think Again!

Think of Rome’s armies and you’ll probably conjure up an image of the typical 1st century AD legionary. In that era, the empire was bold, brash, burgeoning and seemingly unstoppable. 34 more words

Historical Fiction