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Al Gore dupes 9000 people in Hawaii, insults the rest

The story below is from from Honolulu Civil Beat, who covered a political rally on April 15th by Gore to 9000 people in Honolulu’s Stan Sheriff Center… 771 more words


Climate change: what we don't know

by Judith Curry

This past week, there have been several essays and one debate that provide some good perspectives on what we don’t know about climate change, and whether we should be alarmed.


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.............A good attempt to try and see through the fog of the 'climate wars.'

Exploiting Human Misery and Distorting the Science: An environmentalist’s critique of “Years of Living Dangerously”

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University

In “Years of Living Dangerously” Hollywood’s Don Cheadle partners with Christian climate scientist Katharine Heyhoe to convince fellow Christians that they should trust the climate scientists who blame the misery brought by a Texas drought on rising CO2. 2,325 more words


Climate Schlock: Joe Romm goes for the Herb Tarleck pitch

Being a broadcaster, one of my favorite TV shows ever was WKRP in Cincinnati. Readers may recall some of the highest forms of stereotypical comedy that came from the sales manager, … 119 more words


Earth to Lovejoy: 0.9 C° in a century is not 'huge'

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Pseudo-science by press release has become the norm among the Forces of Darkness. With as much fanfare as McGill University could muster, the recent paper by Professor Lovejoy was promoted via a typically head-banging instance of the genre. 1,892 more words

Climate Data

Claim: Odds that global warming is due to natural factors: Slim to none

UPDATE: a response to this paper has been posted, see below.

From McGill University , who blows the credibility of their science by putting the word “deniers” in it. 585 more words