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BBC News - Global warming slowdown 'could last another decade'

Bad news for fans of global warming theory dreaming of ‘strong’ El Ninos or indeed anything that might point global temperature stats in an upward direction. 154 more words


'Why Global Warming Is Taking a Break' - worst excuse yet?

This is worth a look just for the last paragraph, which undermines most of the rest of it. Under the optimistic sub-heading ‘Warming to recommence’ we find: 159 more words


Climate modelling: Study shows that without access to water fish will die!

I am sure all the forecasts based on climate models applied to hydrological models and extrapolated to 2050 are all quite clever. But it is no evidence of anything. 331 more words


Landslides in Hiroshima kill 39, with 7 missing

Heavy rain has caused landslides in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan killing at least 39 people including some children with at least a further seven missing. 618 more words


How climate science models are validated

Mathematical and computer models are wonderful tools. Once they can be validated they are powerful methods of interpolation. They are useful methods of improving the understanding embodied in the models by extrapolation. 166 more words


Low-salt pseudo science

For almost 100 years, some scientists have been warning about the harmful effects of salt in our diets. For the last 40 years or so that has also been the “consensus” view of the medical/regulatory establishment. 957 more words


2014 will be a SCORCHER!

Long-range weather forecast for UK reveals 2014 will be a SCORCHER!
BRITAIN is set to roast in a THREE-MONTH heatwave that could smash ALL summer weather records, forecasters claimed tonight.

339 more words