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I commented in a post a couple of days ago that we should probably avoid risking the Arctic warming by 10 degrees or more and that the only way that I thought this could be achieved was by avoiding raising atmospheric CO2 concentrations much higher than they are today. 538 more words

Climate Change

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Could plastic debris, coarse, fine and molecules (polymers), affect oceans functions as climate regulator, CO2 sink, albedo, evaporation...? (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

Could plastic debris, coarse, fine and molecules (polymers), affect oceans characteristics as climate regulator, CO2 sink, albedo, evaporation, …? (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

(Updated 28/07/2014. Comments added at the bottom. 1,676 more words
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Albedo - Space Probes Coming soon

Albedo will be releasing a new album called “Space Probes” in August. It will contain musical interpretations of select space probes of achievement. Unmanned robotic spacecraft that explored astronomical objects in our solar system other than earth, and were the first successful flyby, orbiter, lander, rover or sample return missions. 266 more words

New Age Music

New Age Music Artist Albedo to Release Space Probes Album

New Age Music Artist Albedo will be releasing an album called “Space Probes” and is currently running a fund raising campaign on the Indiegogo website. 24 more words

The 'strawman' albedo effect

From ETH Zurich , something that actually makes sense.

Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat

Wheat fields are often tilled immediately after the crop is harvested, removing the light-coloured stubble and crop residues from the soil surface and bringing dark bare earth to the top. 673 more words