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Alber's Squares Inspiration

Watercolor and acrylic squares with black acrylic detail

Black Mountain College

A hip beatnik walking out of MOMA in New York would nod his head at the name, even today. Back in the sixties, when so many graduates of this experimental Black Mountain College were making waves in art, poetry, dance and education, the name rang bells that were heard across oceans. 398 more words

Optical Mixture: Another Illusion

An optical mixture occurs when two or more colors in small amounts are placed together in such a way that those colors blend together in your eyes to create a different color. 43 more words

Albers: Will You Be A Life Sucker, Too?

Written by Amanda Albers

I recently saw an e-card on Facebook that said something along the lines of “Telling a person that there is always someone else in the world that has it worse off than them is like telling them there feelings don’t matter.” How true is this! 599 more words


Color Wheel

Here is a color wheel I designed in Illustrator.

Even though actually making the color wheel was one of the easiest projects in Illustrator for me, it was difficult in the sense that I am partially colorblind with red shades through green shades. 440 more words

Graphic Design

Albers: It's Not Where You Live, but How You Live Where You Are... That Makes Your Dream Life

Written by: Amanda Albers

As the cliché goes ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’… or so we like to tell ourselves when we are faced in a situation where a positive ending is hard to envision. 497 more words