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“What I see in Nature
is a magnificent structure
that we can comprehend
only very imperfectly, and
that must fill a thinking person
with a feeling of humility.

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RJ Goes to the Genius Bar

Except for age, these guys would pretty much fit into the whole genius bar hipster vibe at any Apple Store. Especially with the black and white pasty complexions.

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Einstein Equals Digital Squared

How amazing would it be to have an insight into all aspects of Albert Einstein’s life?  If this was also on-line with open access and in context?   287 more words

Taking Action Now

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"I have no special talents I am only passionately curious" now we can all be curious about the scribbled thoughts and documents of the great Mr.Einstein

Einstein meets Betamax

So Albert Einstein was a Sony Betamax man then?

Try not...

…to become a man of success but a man of value

- Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein - Did You Know...

… That Albert Einstein’s eyes were auctioned in 1994 after being stored in a safety deposit box since his death in 1955.

I wonder what amount has been paid and what someone would do with them… Weird…

Did You Know