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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

“We are all on the same path… Our separation from each other is an illusion of consciousness.”
Albert Einstein

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - A Mantra for Today's Entrepreneur [Blue Ocean Thinking]

The Spirit of Being an Entrepreneur

Here at Comizzzle, we pride ourselves on developing the spirit of “entreprenuerizm”. Silicon Valley has been the hub of people ushering a new way of innovative thinking and redefining the mold of entrepreneurship. 346 more words


Time Traveling

Every thought about traveling in time, like moving into a past time or moving into a future time ? According to the theories brought up by Stephen Hawking and Sir Albert Einstein it is possible to travel in time. 454 more words


Quote by Albert Einstein

The religion of the future will be a comic religion

It should transcend personal God and avoid

dogma and theology