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Inspiration #14 Albert Einstein and the perception of time


“When you’re courting a pretty girl an hour seems like a second.  When you sit on a red hot cinder a second seems like an hour.  425 more words

The photon gravitational interaction

Photons interact gravitationally but this gravitational scattering of light by light has been studied only rarely. Studies go back to Tolman, Ehrenfest and Podolsky in 1931 and to Wheeler in 1955 who analysed the gravitational field of… 470 more words

General Relativity

I could do better

I was always the last child, and of course I never felt like I ever measured up to any of my sisters. But this is not really about them, I just don’t feel like I measure up in general.  300 more words


Painted Lady - Nature Illustration

Butterflies are, to me, flying works of art. The beautiful colours and patterns of their wings are an amazing example of nature’s beauty. Their amazing metamorphosis is also a complex example of change. 352 more words

Michael Quinlyn-nixon

Important Encounters

I read this quote today while reading an article on soul mates.  The article outlined the 10 elements of a soul mate and made a lot of sense in the ways of recognizing serendipitous miracles. 490 more words

Conheça a Rotina de 26 Genios da Humanidade

Quer saber como Mozart, Picasso, Darwin e outros grandes criadores dividiam a sua agenda diária? Eis a resposta.

Se você quer levar a sua criatividade ao próximo nível, a equipe do… 201 more words