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The German V2 Rocket - Part 2

Today we present the second half of Stacy Danielle Stephens’ V2 segment of her Historical novel about WWII.  If you like what you see here please remember that Stacy’s Bismarck series is also available  2,046 more words


Architecture of the Third Reich

I was reading an article about the architecture of the Third Reich,  detailing the architectural plans that Hitler and his architect Albert Speer had intended for rebuilding Berlin.   173 more words

Burleigh's final assessment of the Nazi empire

From the end of the section on “Occupation and Collaboration in Europe, 1939-1943.” Michael Burleigh’s HISTORY OF THE THIRD REICH (Macmillan, 2001) is a good read. 261 more words

Michael Burleigh

The city that never was

An exhibition in Berlin exploring Albert Speer’s grandiose plans for Germania, the rebuilt capital of the Third Reich.



One can truly never understand any time period beyond the ones he has experienced first hand. We might hear of earlier eras from our elders, but these stories will always be secondhand experiences to us. 1,494 more words


A Haunted House Divided

The F-4 Field Marshall

I’ll bet you I could pull it off, that’s right; if I was a general officer for ISIS I could get “victoriable,” as George W would say.  974 more words