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Times in the Peace


Here in the Peace Country, you’ll find that the past and the present are not so far apart.  And that the things in between then and now haven’t changed too much at all.


Red Cross Rebuilds Alberta, Canada, After Floods

Actress Angelique Marion Berry is a native of Alberta, Canada. The award-winning actress has held roles in films such as A Cry from Within, November Lies, and And We Wait, which is currently in post-production. 162 more words

Angelique Marion Berry

來一趟冰原歷險記─ 探訪哥倫比亞大冰原 (Columbia icefield)

來卡加利一年了,但一次都還沒去過班夫國家公園 (Banff National Park)。好不容易等到了夏天 (冬天太冷,沒有想去的慾望),上個月我跟凱文就來個兩天一夜的班夫小旅行。

我對班夫的印象停留在2005年。當年我媽跟旅行團來加拿大找我,我就搭順風車,跟他們去了班夫一日遊。因為太久遠了,我的記憶裡只有…白雪、小鎮、還有超長的車程! (當時,我們從溫哥華坐長途巴士坐得頭昏腦脹 o_O)

這次我特別做了功課,除了去班夫國家公園,還買了哥倫比亞大冰原 (Columbia Icefield)、冰川天空步道 (Glacier Skywalk) 及船遊明尼旺卡湖 (Banff lake cruise) 的三合一套票。卡加利到班夫國家公園的車程僅一小時,但由於哥倫比亞冰原及冰川天空步道距離較遠,所以我們第一天一早就先開車朝哥倫比亞冰原前進。

冰原可不是普通的遠。由於它位於賈斯珀國家公園 (Jasper National Park) 附近,所以過了班夫,還得再開2.5小時的車才能到達。經過路易斯湖 (Lake Louise) 後,我們從加拿大1號公路 (Hwy 1) 改沿著93號公路 (Hwy 93) 前往目的地。 29 more words


Road Trip: Moose Jaw SK to Airdrie AB

Jack: One last picture in Saskatchewan, in a wheat field.
Fleur: I tried to eat some but I didn’t like it. I like Cheerios and they have wheat starch so I thought it would be the same but it’s not. 218 more words

Gap Year

Do you know someone who is graduating but who isn’t sure what to do next? A year at Bible School is a great way to spend that year.