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Muddy Waters: At Newport 1960

Really clear sound. Almost sounds like it isn’t even live, but it is. Some of the songs aren’t intense like you’d expect from a live show, but it really picks up steam for “Got My Mojo Working.”

The Grateful Dead: Road Trips Volume 2 Number 2

Disc 1 is half one show and half a mix. Disc 2 is the rest of the show that starts disc 1. They don’t really mesh all that well together. 30 more words

The Walkmen: You & Me

In some ways it’s better than the previous album. But it’s never as exciting or intense. More consistent maybe. A good album to start the day. 19 more words

The Men: Immaculada

Probably need to listen to this one a couple more times for a more solid opinion. But it’s a bit too noisy, unfocused and aggressive for me. 35 more words

Howlin' Wolf: Smokestack Lightning: Complete Chess Masters, disc 3 and disc 4

Gets more into the good stuff. Unfortunately, these discs also have a lot of multiple takes. This becomes really annoying at the end of disc 3. 17 more words

Album of week 42: BEAUTY & RUIN

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post. Not very happy, honestly, but it’s been a weird period with lots of events which have kept me from writing, among them my birthday celebration, a good bunch of shows, and why not? 604 more words


Howlin Wolf: Smokestack Lightning: Complete Chess Masters, Disc 2

I like disc 2 more than 1. More of the really bluesy stuff I recognize. Has my favorite songs with the exception of “Moanin at Midnight.” I still feel like I enjoyed the best of or that 2 album CD more. 14 more words