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Phosphorescent: The Weight of Flight

Pretty similar to the first album in terms of the approach. Mostly slow plaintive songs with some fuzzy guitars and organ. Not quite as country as he would later get. 41 more words

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Aufheben

Kind of a return to form. Doesn’t sound like their old albums, but it’s the closest of the last 3. Sounds like a real band again finally. 21 more words

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?

This is Newcombe’s dance/electronica album. It’s actually pretty good. If he’d shortened it by 25 minutes, it might have been kind of awesome. But there are quite a few tracks that just feel like idle experiments or kind of aimless. 31 more words

PJ Harvey: White Chalk

I like it more than Uh Huh Her, but that doesn’t mean I like it much. It’s a pretty quiet and somber album. Sometimes it works, but others it just feels lifeless. 15 more words

Swans: My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky

Still not sure what to make of the re-united Swans. I think it’s definitely not as exciting as Swans in the 90s was. But this is still a pretty damn solid rock album. 41 more words

Oakley Hall: Second Guessing

Here’s another highway album that I still love. I used to listen to this all the time in my car when I first got it. As spring approaches, I should bring that practice back. 33 more words

The Boggs: We Are The Boggs We Are

I fucking loved this in 2002. I kind of still do. There are some tracks I could do without. Mainly¬†“On North Wood Ground” which is just way too long and hard to understand (even with his slurred delivery. 73 more words