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Black Mountain: Wilderness Heart

I actually like this one alright. It’s not that great of an album, but “Roller Coaster” and “The Way to Gone” are both pretty cool. And some of the quieter songs aren’t bad either. 14 more words

Michael Gira: I am Singing to You From My Room

I loved this when it came out. Still think that a lot of these songs were better solo acoustic than on the album. Cool early version of “Rose of Los Angeles” on here too. 32 more words

Oakley Hall: Self-titled

Definitely not as good as the next two, but still a pretty good album. In some ways more country and more weird than the next two albums. 16 more words

Pink Mountaintops: Outside Love

This one holds up surprisingly well. The first song is pretty damn good. And the 2nd too. Nice big full sound. It’s not as interesting as his other albums, but the songwriting is definitely strong. 10 more words


While we were all nursing our respective erections over ‘Illmatic XX‘ yesterday, Apollo Brown dropped a freEP entitled ‘Cigarette Burns’.  The EP is a three-track teaser for his upcoming instrumental soundtrack album  ‘Thirty Eight’ (April 29), which apparently “falls somewhere between the end of 70s heroin and the beginning of 80s crack”.   12 more words

Hip Hop

THIN LIZZY - " Black Rose " Released 35 Years Ago Today

THIN LIZZY’s Black Rose was released 13th April 1979, The British Rockers were at their peak when they released this their Ninth studio album which headed straight into the UK charts at No 2 with a distinct Celtic appeal on some of the songs the title track “Roisin Dubh” consists of traditional songs arranged by Lynott and Moore the latter amazing complex solos . 227 more words


Liars and Oneida, Atheists, Reconsider

Liars do a great Oneida cover, but really this one belongs to Oneida.