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One to watch - Alchemist

Lucky for us, more and more brands arise that understand the importance of making beautiful clothing out of sustainable fabrics. Clothes that have been produced in a fair and ethical way. 107 more words


#144 I Love Manchester

In a hasty decision I’d chosen Manchester for uni. In 2007 I rocked up to halls and didn’t really know what to expect from this city. 265 more words


Return of the Fairy

Once upon at time there was a 22 year old girl who travelled to America in search of her true path after reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. 142 more words


Step Brothers : 'Tomorrow' (feat. Rakaa and Blu)


Hello there, my name is Kris Graves, coming to you from Queens, New York City. My profession is anything photographic, and on my down time I listen to mixes of music that I can’t live without.  71 more words

Guest Post

Physicists, alchemists, and ayahuasca shamans: A study of grammar and the body

Are there any common denominators that may underlie the practices of leading physicists and scientists, Renaissance alchemists, and indigenous Amazonian ayahuasca healers? There are obviously a myriad of things that these practices do not have in common. 2,949 more words

'Bloodlines' by Richelle Mead

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I wasn’t planning on reviewing this book. But then I accidentally got obsessed. It happens more frequently than I like to admit. 627 more words


"The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho viz "Illusions" by Richard Bach

I picked both of these novels up at the recommendations of different friends, and it just happened that I read them back to back. While I was reading I was struck by just how similar the novels are to one another in some regards: they are of similar length, they have a protagonist who goes on a journey of self-realization, a character who is “more advanced” who helps him along, and they sketch a general philosophical perspective in a way that can sound a little “self-help-y.” I was also struck by how much more skillfully the relatively unknown novel went about all of this than the pretty famous Paolo Coelho title, which had been recommended to me multiple times and has had praise heaped upon it. 746 more words