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Alcohol Treatment Centers - How To Find One Today

One of the most popular drugs that is completely legal for people to buy once they are over the age of 21 are alcoholic beverages of any kind. 284 more words

30-day alcohol detox

I’m on day 7 of a self-imposed 30-day alcohol detox and I feel wonderful! I’ve been sleeping better. My digestion is better (sorry). I am loving the clear-headed feeling I have when I wake up in the morning. 420 more words


Are You Looking for Proven Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

So you’ve made up your mind that you’ll be getting rid of alcohol addiction. That’s commendable but as a premonition you must be informed that quitting alcohol suddenly is almost impossible and even if you do manage to achieve this Herculean task, it sure will leave your body in a poor condition. 221 more words


Alcohol Abuse Signs, Facts And Treatment

Alcohol abuse does not always lead to alcoholism, but is a precursor and can suddenly develop in response to a stressful situation such as a relationship breakup, retirement, or loss of a loved one.  304 more words