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Why Sober Living is Important

Sober living is a type of living or lifestyle that is free from any substance use and abuse, including drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Sober, referring to sobriety or the state of not having any measurable levels or effects from mood-altering drugs, is often the term used in describing a peaceful, calm, and clean condition. 287 more words

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers for a Healthy and Drug Free Life

Alcohol is a word that has become synonymous to party, celebration and enjoyment in our lives. There are a good number of occasions where without alcohol nothing can happen. 242 more words


Sober Living Homes

Being an alcoholic is not the problem of only the person who is under its clutches. It is also the problem and should be the concern of not just his immediate friends or family members, but of the community and society as well. 348 more words

Alcohol Detox

Having a Safe Plan For Entering Drug and Alcohol Detox

When detox is needed to treat a very serious addiction to alcohol or various drugs, the addict can often be filled with worry and anxiety over entering into the detox program itself. 389 more words

Addiction Treatment


I believe Many practitioners and counselors in addiction treatment see pharmacotherapies as the answer alone for addiction treatment because it fits into the medical model in the U.S. 310 more words