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Update: Longer Bar Hours are a Proven Hazard

Michigan bars will continue to close by 2am, at least for now.

Last month I wrote about SB 247, which would extend hours of alcohol retailing as late as 4 am in some Michigan bars. 345 more words


Tackling the causes and effects of alcohol misuse

Source: Local Government Association

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Date of publication: January, 2015

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report forms part of the campaign ‘Investing in our nation’s future’, which sets out what the next government needs to do in its first 100 days after May’s general election. 62 more words


Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy

Source: NHS Health Scotland

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Date of publication: December, 2014

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This is the fourth annual report providing an update on the monitoring and evaluation of Scotland’s alcohol strategy.  71 more words


Senate committee approves new liquor commission nominee

SALT LAKE CITY — A Senate committee gave unanimous approval to a nominee for the state’s liquor control commission.

In a brief hearing on Monday, St. 347 more words


Alcohol, drugs and tobacco joint strategic needs assessment support pack

Source: Public Health England

Date of publication: September 2014

Publication type: Resource

In a nutshell: This support pack consists of eight resources covering young people’s substance misuse and adult alcohol, drug and tobacco use.  115 more words


Addressing liver disease in the UK

Source: The Lancet, 2014, 384 (9958), p1953-97

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Date of publication: November, 2014

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell: This commission report highlights how the UK is the only country in western Europe except Finland where liver disease has increased over the past three decades and although the report identifies other key areas in relation to liver disease, it highlights the significant role alcohol misuse plays. 41 more words

Alcohol Policy

Health at work guide to alcohol at work: mission very possible

Source: British Heart Foundation

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Date of publication: October, 2014

Publication type: Guide

In a nutshell: This guide is an aid to promoting alcohol awareness in the workplace. 41 more words

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