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War of the Wineries - Part 3 - Jefferson Vineyards

With my winery tours coming to an end I was feeling a sense of sadness knowing I would soon return to my normal life away from the mountains, away from the clean feelings of the land, and away from the tastes I have come to love. 704 more words


Day Three

As I sit here listening to Fall Out Boy’s latest track ‘Centuries’ followed by their ‘From Under the Corktree’ album I can’t help but feel nostalgic. 343 more words


Dreadful Dorothy Danced and Doomed her Devastated Mother

San Francisco, California – 1925. At 16, beautiful Dorothy Ellingson was a product of the 1920s jazz age. She dressed the part: she wore a short fur coat, fringed flapper dresses and funky, feathered 20s hairbands. 883 more words

This Indiana brewhouse just gave a giant middle finger to the State of Indiana

Since even long before the days of Prohibition, the G-men have been trying to create laws to keep good, hard-working folks like you and us from having a good time at the local brewhouse. 261 more words



Having had experience working at a liquor store in Texas, I’ve had the chance to learn a lot about different types of alcohol. Though I only saw two Japanese single malt whiskey. 29 more words

Homeless Man Pulls Girls Almost Every Night, Dresses Well, & Gets $150 a Day

A lot of people are giving hate to this guy. I think certain aspects of what he does can be pulled as inspiration though. If this man can dress so well with so little, manage to make it work, then you can stop dressing like your homeless with your fashion (I do it too.. 30 more words

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ISIS makes drinking to forget harder as booze prices skyrocket in Baghdad

Baghdad’s beer-drinkers have it tough. Already shot at and persecuted, they have found prices soaring since Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham militants seized large swaths of northern Iraq in June and barred alcohol. 512 more words