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Why I gave up alcohol

I used to LOVE beer. Not Budweiser, or Miller (is that even real beer?), but craft beer. Beer that could be enjoyed throughout a long sitting with a friends or family during a meaningful conversation- Dogfish Head Brewing Company, Boston Beer Company, Avery Brewing Company etc. 460 more words


Feeling sorry...

… went over to a friends place today! Just like most of the time and I really try not to be there too often and make them feel uncomfortable … but as it always is they made me food… so I stayed for lunch, dinner and good night cocktail… after THEY made me feel comfortable I even fell a little asleep… Now I kind of feel like I am using them… haven’t eaten for almost a week at my place… I need to make that up to them, but they said “it’s alright! 44 more words

Competition Cheerleading is cutthroat and contemptible

Sitting in the crowd I notice a pattern of the ne’er-do-well’s walking past. There is a funny silence that comes over me at the disgusting sight, I’ve actually decided that a pattern must exist so I continue to justify it for my own means, after all it has become extremely entertaining, most the people walking by falling into two very different categories each sharing DNA from the same small gene pool. 820 more words

"Do more of what makes you happy"

Just because somebody makes you unhappy does that mean you have to make them unhappy?

“Do more of what makes you happy” – the message that I sent to the person who unintentionally makes me the unhappiest. 284 more words


Monkey See, Monkey Do

After recently reading some of John Stuart Mills On Liberty, I found that some of the concepts that he discussed are applicable to the everyday life of the American college student, which is interesting to me because I am one of these American college students. 548 more words

Course Connections

11/19/2014 The Columbia Mammoth Tusk (Day 23)

Did someone say, MAMMOTH!?  Oh wait, that’s just me…ok, so maybe YOU too.  :)

Even though I tend to work for HOURS on end in the lab, being all science-ee, I know that my successes are only in leaps & bounds from my perspective.   457 more words