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April 16, 2014

You’re drunk so what now?

Do we sit here or do we flirt till we fuck?

“Show me how. It’s where my demons hide.”

Drunken entry

IPhone Notes

Confessions Of A Drunken Man

Every minute was like year long, eyes on the gate and ears were inattentive to hear the doorbell. Trrrrr there comes a friend to pick me… 749 more words

30 Day Challenge-Day Three

Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Well..this is going to be short and sweet. I rarely drink, and I don’t do drugs. That’s my decision..and it’s yours if you choose to do either. 148 more words

When I was their age we just skulled Mad Jacks vodka flavoured rum and had LAN parties. When did life change?

Another fun public transport update, since I know I’ll run out of consciousness by the time I can make it back to a keyboard. So instead I’ll spend the majority of my trip out to work staring at my phone typing (instead of just redditing). 696 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Post 36 / Specific & Narrow / Scoops All Around

Since the weather is starting to warm up people are going out more they are eating, tanning, sleeping outside. Since finals are almost over we can celebrate and have fun for the summer. 68 more words

A Great Day For A Beer!

Hey guys! So during my last brewery adventure I decided to hit up a brewery right down the street from me for a tour and a tasting.   232 more words


6 Party Coping Mechanisms

So…if you’re my friend on snapchat, you may have gotten this picture:

As I sat on the floor, pants recently removed, and flung my exacerbated hands at my lacerated shin, Katie Siebert said frankly, “You are such a beautiful sad creature.” 599 more words

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