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Hank Bauer had a very bad day.

This is a short piece of fiction inspired by a very real situation.

Hank Bauer slammed down his glass of scotch as his wife, Charlene looked on. 383 more words

Oakland A's

To Booze or Not to Booze

When I first adopted working out in a serious and regular way into my lifestyle, I didn’t make any changes to my diet and nutrition. A lifetime dieter, I was a defunct weight watchers lifer I  knew what to do it was just a matter of actually doing it. 766 more words


Spicy Orange Margarita

I recently found myself sinking deep into my couch (and into the arms of my hangover) when, for some unknown reason, I decided to make a spicy cocktail in hopes of curing the nausea. 332 more words

Truth in Alcohol Advertising

A really fun part of my day job is I get the opportunity to review copy related to underwriting spots and promotional material. Broadcasting rules and regulations, like any area of the law, are forever evolving. 754 more words

Entertainment Law

Something I've been working on for Uni

Cut coloured glass distorted forms of people pacing past. Everyone’s got somewhere to be.

Except me.

The sour smell of last night’s beer and this morning’s bleach made it a comfortable start to the week. 119 more words

Day 198: Go to a Speakeasy

Speakeasies are a bit of a novelty in London which is funny because they are purely an American thing. We never had prohibition during the 20’s.  183 more words


The Great Lasagna

My X-GF, TK, was an amazing cook.  She would get up at 6 AM on Sundays and cook “gravy”, pasta sauce, all day.  I found this unusual until I tasted it and spent time at her folks house in RI.   159 more words