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Seeking Equality of Responsibility

Guidance has recently been issues to police officers to clarify the grounds for an accusation of rape, and the circumstances where consent cannot be given. Consent, these guidelines state, cannot be given if someone is incapacitated through drink or drugs. 701 more words

Joyless, "My Poor Grandmother"

Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015

Tuesday morning: My temper is hot. I’ve only been awake eighteen minutes and I’m ready to just give up already.

Now that I’m no longer by myself, my recovery is going to be stabbed at regular intervals with added frustration… and I’ll add some despair in there. 861 more words


Hangovers from Hell - number 3

Sent to Coventry

I’d never been to Coventry before. I never have since.

My mate is driving me through Northampton countryside, heading for the town centre and the delights of a four hour National Express journey back to my Manchester home. 562 more words



One thing I am very good at is becoming numb emotionally. Whenever things get too tough, I shut down.

I have been overwhelmed by quite a bit recently. 655 more words

Understanding addiction and the family setting moral better! Book review!

Understanding addiction and the family setting moral better! Book review!
Information comes from:

Substance Abuse and the Family by Michael D. Reiter.


Michael D. Reiter, PhD is Professor of Family Therapy in the division of Social and Behavioural Sciences; he is a marriage and family therapist and wrote the textbook Substance Abuse and the Family but also three other textbooks. 1,577 more words


The First Time Ever I Got Drunk

I was invited to a party that took place yesterday by a friend who is a couple of years older than me. I think I’ve written it before but I’ve never really hung out with people who party and drink, so this would be my very first. 763 more words

Teenage Girl

Society Blames the Victim

Assault of any kind is traumatizing. How come when it’s a sexual assault on a drunk woman at a party, it’s her fault someone took advantage of her instead of their fault for going near someone who is impaired? 427 more words

Angie Rants