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Brewing Update!

So here’s the update on the brewing process of Howl-O-Stout! The initial pitch of the yeast was done while the wort was too hot, which caused a percentage of the yeast to die, and that resulted in a minimal change in specific gravity. 270 more words


Kırmızı Şarap: Best Turkish Red Wine on a Budget

Alcohol prices in Turkey are high due to the government’s “special consumption” taxes. Alcohol restrictions have increased significantly over the past decade under the Justice and Development Party (AKP), including limits on the time alcohol can be sold (not between 10 pm- 6 am) and the locations where alcohol sale can take place (not within 100 yards of schools or mosques). 169 more words


Mutt's Cooking Contest: The Bloody Mutt

Congratulations Rod Jones! Your Bloody Mutt just couldn’t be beaten. It was a great end to a long night of debating. Using the Spicy Mutt’s Sauce was a great twist. 59 more words


Vodka Chocolate Ganache with Fruit Sauce


Those of you familiar with The Guesscipe Book will know of my ethos of the artful approximation and personalised adaptation of recipes.  That’s why I keep them vague and suggest alternatives where possible.   418 more words


Teapots and Alcohol

Hi my lovelies, the photo above although it doesnt look like much , this is a memory that i will never forget . The person i was with probably doesnt realize it either, but for me this night was amazing .To be able to hang out with one of my best friends , just us two and have such a fun night is so incredible to me. 218 more words

Alcohol and College

When using “alcohol” and “college” in a sentence together, most people think of what social media portrays college parties to be like. When you throw “West Virginia University” in the mix, many people have this image of a party school that only represents a small portion of this institution. 658 more words


Troughs and Peaks

Wow, it really has been a roller-coaster week or so!

I had notification earlier this month that my house was going to be re-possessed. This is not the place I am currently living, but the place I moved out of. 670 more words