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“Well, chew tamedy,” says Bob. “Chew freakin’ tamedy.” He stands outside the gates to his school and, up the short road into the village, across the bridge to the other campus, down the access road to the highway, sees no one. 281 more words


Melon Ball

Whilst definitely not a classic, the melon ball has developed an infamy at my bar over the last year or so. I’d say this is in part down to its appearance at the cocktail night (and its self-selling excellent bright green colour), and in part down to the cult following that the TV show Archer has around these parts. 317 more words


Mission Possible!

I can’t wait for the holiday: sun, beach, blue ocean…mmmm. I think every time I see Char that’s mainly what we talk about. Also, we keep making different pacts and breaking them the next moment. 992 more words


The yo-yo effect.

Think I mentioned this before, but at a recent doctor visit, I was honest about my alcoholism. At that point, I was given blood work, and a follow up visit for a couple other things (birth control, a psychotherapy appt), and after binging for nearly a week, I was given more blood work. 452 more words


Drunk Calls

I am afraid to drink too much, and get overly drunk because I know whose number I will dial when my mind can’t think straight. 18 more words



Just want to clear a few things up , this blog is not meant to hurt or injure anyone , it is a platform for me to have a voice , something I’ve been deprived of in this terrible situation , the views expressed are mine and mine alone , remember there are always 3 sides to a story , my side , my wife’s and somewhere in the middle the truth. 146 more words


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