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Healthy Love Relationships and Filling the Void

Learning to have healthy relationships of any kind is a huge challenge for people who had traumatic childhoods. For me, having healthy romantic relationships has not only been an uphill struggle, but the idea of ‘needing’ to be in a relationship to feel complete has dominated most of my adult life. 516 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Coping With An Alcoholic Parent(s)

Every day and night teens, young children and infants have to cope with an out-of-control alcoholic parent or parents.

Most of these parents don’t have a clue to the emotional and mental damage they do to their own children. 174 more words

But can't I just run away from this awful situation?

My parents abused alcohol and tried to control me my entire life, so I chose to run away from home when I was 17 and I never moved back. 183 more words

How To Allow

Kids are smarter than they are given credit for...

The good news is – if you are going through a divorce, that doesn’t mean that your kids are clueless. Now the lesson here is – don’t pretend that your kids are clueless… 725 more words

A 10 Year-Old Walks Into A Bar...

Mom said, “Your Dad’s late for dinner because he’s at the bar.”  We didn’t have a phone yet, and she said I had to go get him.  448 more words

Personal Growth

003. "To Be the Best."

That is the quote of the local police.

The same police whom treated me without the dignity and respect that I deserve.

Before this happened, I was very much into the idea of police making social media accounts to talk to those they served and protected. 1,702 more words