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The Versatile Blogger Award

WOW! I was just nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award, and i am just tickled pink right now. I would like to thank Alice from… 215 more words

It is often quite difficult being a non-alcoholic with an alcoholic partner

One of the things I’ve realised about alcoholics I’s that the term sober means something entirely different to them. For me to sober up, means to basically get a grip on thing, pull your socks up and be realistic. 449 more words

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The beauty of mornings

For the last seven days I have experienced the joy of waking up with a clear head (ok, with a few unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and dizziness) and excited about embracing the day ahead. 29 more words


Part of my story

I realised today that I haven’t really said much about alcohol in my blog, which should be an obvious topic for me given my past. Alcohol plays an important role in ‘my story’, so I’m going to share it… 2,086 more words


Let's play a little game: Shaina's Mind v. Reality

As a twenty-two year old single female, the fear of missing out and feelings of lame-ness are two of the most powerful forces of resistance against my recovery and sobriety, WHEN I let them be. 1,481 more words


Who wrote this pile of crap? Some ageing alcoholic?

This was the comment received back in an email from one of my husband’s friends, after my OH had proudly sent news of his wife’s writing exploits. 323 more words

sugar free rockstar.

for some reason around about 9ish i completely break down. like i put on a show all day to be “happy” and something tells my heart to break for whatever reason for the day. 181 more words