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Warfrats (sober Deadheads)

First meeting with CE the host.  Long drive but fun.  Got to tell a lot of these stories.  Can’t believe how quick 25 minutes goes by.   57 more words


November 25th

Spent entire evening trapped inside parents house. Am now practically unemployed scum of earth. Can still remember when self was buying own house and was practically financially stable apple of mothers eye. 75 more words


November 24th 10PM

Am not drunk, and still at parents house.



Like hiccups
Because you’re unpredictable and irritating,
Chopped up like tobacco,
Cut up and turning my fingers yellow
and my insides black.
You’re a stain. 186 more words

Silly Poem #143

My family don’t understand me!

They all look at me so wary,

Because I’m a fat, alcoholic transvestite,

I want to eat, drink and be Mary!