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Weight gain

Over the last 2 years I have gained 40 pounds. I really do believe my meds were the cause. I’ve always fluctuated but this is as big as I’ve ever been. 233 more words

Mental Health Bipolar Addiction And Withdrawal

It's Been Twenty-Six Years

Last night the home phone rang and I see it’s my Dad calling from work.  This is nothing out of the ordinary as we talk about 3-4 times per week, just to check in and see how things are going.   732 more words

Caffeine, Crashing, and Crustaceans

Okay, there are no crustaceans in this post. Except now I have to put one in because I feel compulsive.

Today began well enough, but by seven this morning, I felt myself slipping down, down, down. 423 more words


Don't trust alcoholic women

I told an alcoholic Chinese woman (she wanted to have sex with me) that I can’t hangout with her at this dating site because of my need for going to sleep and she was like “omg, you are such a hypocrite”; I blocked her after that and the lesson learned was to not trust women (especially Asian women) that drink alcohol unless if it’s soy sauce.


Pink Cloud? Hopefully not.

I had another good day yesterday, and by that, I mean I wasn’t all over the place emotionally and I didn’t feel like I came across to people this way: 348 more words


Why me...Why not me?

I have been bouncing this question back and forth for the last few days and  guess you could say I had an “a ha” moment this evening.  454 more words

Why I can't stand CBC radio, but listen to it every day

Like many Canadians, my daily commute to and from work is a complete and utter bore. To help pass the time, I invariably turn the AM dial to my local CBC station – not because I enjoy the programming, but because I can’t stand the fake enthusiasm and frothing hyperbole of the other morning radio “personalities”. 529 more words