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Are you ready for some football? I am! Wait, sober? Fuck.

To me, football is synonymous with drinking beer.

It’s not even synonymous with expensive beer. Or craft beer. It actually reminds me of Bud Light, Miller Light and Coors Light. 361 more words


Day 10

今日係頂更… Man哥話今日個parttime返唔到,咁好啦,幫手頂左佢,係有少少病唧~平日應該都ok既。返去操下點用D架餐都係件好事。

所有Shaker都係for fair用,Man哥私伙的。 11 more words


Nerf's Up, I'm Outa' Here!

A few years ago and before we were married, hubby and I were faced with an impending Midwest winter blizzard. Weather dudes were saying at least 3 days of ice, snow and high winds that would make travel impossible. 385 more words


Old Hollywood Actor, Richard Burton talks about his Battle with Drink.

I admire his self-examination and brutal honesty. If anyone has been in deep troubles with drink, you can relate to this clip. However, when he talks about it being a daily battle, like a boxer in the ring, I cannot relate to that bondage anymore! 111 more words


My goal today is to stay sober.

You know its funny, the more I say I am going to blog more the less I do. I guess a part of that is everyday I add to my sobriety is a day that opportunities present themselves in my life. 258 more words


You Never, Never Know....

Yesterday reminded me that I never, never know what to expect out of a day. To simply do the next right thing and wonderful things happen. 286 more words


18 hours until B-day---first sober birthday anxiety

I feel like I don’t know myself anymore. I hated myself so much, and I’m trying desperately to let it go, but I still have that lingering feeling from my “friends” who all left me in the dust. 702 more words