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Officially A Recovering Alcoholic.

It’s been a pretty intense week. Escalated by a lot of drinking. I haven’t been capable of going to work due to my severely depressed mental state. 494 more words


All Aboard The Bipolar Express!

Ok, I will admit that the picture is a little dramatic, but some days, that is exactly how it feels. Monday in particular, but even more so yesterday. 466 more words

Boyfriend Chronicles

Page #1

The Big Book is a very useful tool.  Probably more useful than a new package of guitar strings would be for me… I have to tell myself that… Yeah really, … 339 more words


A Bad (body on) Loan

No, no, no. Put that down. Come over here.

You promised me I could have as much as I want.

Give it to me. 687 more words


Day 1



The Spiritual Induction (Let's Take that First Relaxing Breath Together, Hummm)

I’m so very excited.  I decided to start a brand new blog, in addition to Picnic Politics.  I’m still going to focus a tremendous amount on that blog; that’s my baby, my political diary that I really love and very much enjoy doing.   525 more words


The Christmas Party

So it is finally upon us, everyone’s favourite time of the year. The nights when everyone can interact with the people that they spend every other day with, except this time they are all full of alcohol, and pretty much anything goes. 200 more words