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Love is the Drug!

Science as we have shown in many blogs has given us unprecedented insight into brain mechanisms implicated in addiction. It has shown us how various neural networks governing reward/motivation, memory, attention and emotions seem to be usurped in the addiction cycle. 1,864 more words

12 Step Program Of Recovery

November 26th: Self-Esteem

I have often heard “fake it until you make it” and while going through my divorce I had to do just that.

My self-esteem had taken such a great hit… that at times, I had to pretend that I was much stronger than I actually was just to get through it. 204 more words


There are No Rules only Suggestions

Do we avoid having conversations with loved ones that may help educate them in how we recovered and why it works for us?

In the… 1,133 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

Lydia: Day 14

Over the past couple of weeks, as the alcohol slowly left her system, she had been overcome with emotions. Feelings of anger gave way to self-pity, which quickly became elation. 689 more words


Accepting the Invitation of Sobriety

Often times, the chains that are holding us back from moving forward are not fears or worries about the future, but fears of letting go of the past. 1,602 more words


November 22nd: Gratitude

My husband and I separated in the summer and by fall, I believed that I would be able to handle the winter holidays with a calm heart and a bit of perspective but… 291 more words


Thirty Years

In Case You’ve Been Keeping Track

Sometime last month – October 2014 – fell the 30th anniversary of my sobriety.  Back in the Orwellian year, a couple of months before my 21st birthday, I put on my best clothes, filled my cigarette case, and drove down to… 993 more words