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Derby Telegraph: Booze is taboo subject among Sikhs but a massive problem, says recovering Derby alcoholic

A RECOVERING Derby alcoholic says drink is “a massive problem in the Sikh community and it is a real taboo subject”.

Jaz Rai says it is a problem that is swept under the carpet. 151 more words

Food Series : Mimosas with a kick

I’m back!! To talk about mimosas, can’t think of a better reason at all. I mean why not pretend the week hasn’t began? Let’s pretend it’s still sunday and I just rolled out of bed and decided to make an amazing brunch right at home! 275 more words


A lack of feelings.

Recently, I had a really terrible nightmare about my mother dying, and I was the only one left to pick up the pieces. While I know that this is a direct reflection of how I feel, and the role in my family unit, I was concerned. 450 more words

On being 21 and in recovery

“Was I really that bad, or am I just a normal partying young adult?”

This simple question has been coursing through my brain for the last few years. 1,786 more words


Not All Make It Out

The post apocalyptic fall out after child abuse, narcissistic angry parents and/or perversion/parental sexual abuse in a family.  You see them on the street everyday…smiling, worrying, going about their business but I can tell you…not all make it out.  541 more words

Realistic Romance/Guy Books: "The Spectacular Now"

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp  
“’Beauty’s all around me right here. It’s not in a textbook. It’s not in an equation.’” This is Sutter Keely’s mantra. 536 more words



I need a drink.
You see I think too much
So I need to drink to be normal
Because normal
Is taking x and having sex… 200 more words