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Liars, thieves, and cheats

There are few things in the world that I dislike as much as I dislike a liar.  There I said it, and I feel.. well actually I feel exactly the same way as I did before I wrote it.  1,025 more words


Amanda Scott's Theme Song For The Vampiress Hunter

In my ongoing novel, The Vampiress Hunter, my support character (Amanda Scott) is an alcoholic empath with telekinetic abilities. She suffers from extensive headaches and crushing migraines because of her close proximity to Marlena Kosonovitch. 46 more words


Alcoholism is real

A sickness, is a sickness, is a sickness.
-you can be under 25 and be an alcoholic
-you can drink once a year and still be an alcoholic… 463 more words

Well, Just Saying

Day 1

I’m sure we’ve all heard or seen “Girls Gone Wild” — the classy movies where drunk college girls show off their twins or do whatever other white girl wasted things college girls do when really intoxicated. 976 more words


Going Public With Alcoholism

(This first appeared on Huffington Post)

I am, among other things, an alcoholic.

When describing myself list-wise, alcoholic would probably come after writer, wife, activist, mom… 795 more words


Addiction Redefined

We all agree on the definition of addiction, even if not everyone quite understands the experiences of addicts and alcoholics, especially when trying to quit. However, there is some divergence in the specifics of what an addiction really is, especially when it comes to medical and psychological viewpoints. 209 more words

Projecting 101 - It's Not What You Think!

First, let me state that Projecting 101 is not the newest Pinterest replacement. Nor is it the latest must-have app to help you strategize the time management of your upcoming projects. 846 more words