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Here we go again.

Day 1, again. I’ve had several of those the past nine months. It makes me sad to think of where I might be today had I been able to stick to the 100 Day Challenge and beyond when I wrote my last and only post. 548 more words

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What does Recovery even have to offer?

To someone who has traded an addicted life for one lived in recovery, the idea that someone wouldn’t want recovery might sound almost stupid. Really, there’s something healing about just being part of normal day-to-day life that provides incentive to remain healthy. 683 more words


Seven years spent with the bottle - a poem

seven years spent with a bottle.

his twisting wrist once liberated him

and chug-a-lugs were wings

flapping him up, up, and away…

only he never leapt one damn building… 58 more words



Downnnnnn. That’s how things happen when a person is actively addicted to something. Things just keep spiraling downward. I’m living proof of that. It took me less than 1 week to lose things and people that matter to me, 6 days in fact. 353 more words


How I Became A Mean Mom

I’m a mean mom.

Really, I am. I don’t sugar-coat. I’m not particularly cheerful or patient, and don’t go out of my way to make sure my children are happy. 704 more words


Honoring This Gift

In this period of completing a year sober, I look back on all the people who had at one point been on this journey with me but did not make it. 145 more words


Serenity - More of That Please!

So I have noticed an unfamiliar, but pleasant feeling of late. I have tried to recognize it but it is a tough one to pin down. 680 more words

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