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My Big Secret (followed by a rant)

I bet you’re here because you saw my share and you’re thinking, “Big secret? I have to know about this!” and you’re hoping you’ll find out I’m pregnant or sold a manuscript or something. 1,890 more words


Two Frustrating Questions

…that I have been pondering.

#1: They say that in early recovery, floods of emotions pour into your soul that you may not be ready to handle. 152 more words


I Count Down the Hours

I count down the hours until nightfall, when my mind is frozen in silence again.

The moon is my buffer against life and it quells the pain. 251 more words


Spiritual Solutions Along With Therapy

Connecting my mind, body and spirit has been the new part of my journey.

I’d most of the time rather not be human and live in a different dimension. 183 more words


Alcoholic "Andas"

Each AA member is unique. We all have a different drinking career, joined AA under different circumstances and have found that the principles of the Twelve Steps apply slightly differently to our lives and our recovery. 853 more words


Open mouths let in flies

Open mouths let in flies.

I’m told that this is a Spanish expression.  That’s what it literally means.  What would it mean in good, idiomatic English?  

350 more words

Healing My Whole Being - MIND, BODY, SOUL...

I had the opportunity this last week to spend five days in PARADISE in Big Sur, California. Paradise was called The Esalen Institute and I attended a five day Yoga, Meditation, and Recovery Retreat. 754 more words

Quitting Wine