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An Endless Game

Sit still and imagine how you feel on your worst possible day. When it seems as if the world is out to get you and not even the feeling of your own skin can bring you comfort. 296 more words


Laughing Out Loud in Public

Remember how I said I was the worst parent ever? I was wrong. Now I am the worst parent ever. I’m so ashamed. As I type this my child is lying on her bedroom floor, sobbing hysterically and threatening to run away over a missed episode of “Liv and Maddie.” This kind of stuff is pretty much standard these days. 1,344 more words

My drinking days are over--for good

Then it hit me: I can never have another drink for the rest of my life. What a depressing thought.

The other day in a meeting, a newcomer shared that sentiment.

212 more words

Today Hurts, Window into Down

Today hurts. and I usually don’t write in the rawness but I’m trying this new thing where I write when I feel like shit instead of doing other harmful things so here it is… 284 more words

[prescribed] Drugs....not alcohol

I’ve been taking medication for bipolar disorder off and on for 2 years now.  The combinations have been different over the years, and sometimes they have worked.   426 more words

My Road to Redemption (part 1)

Good Morning!

It’s been a little while since I wrote last. We’ve been having so many things going on, good things, that I haven’t had the opportunity to get back here and write about it. 1,620 more words


Walking on Eggshells, Dodging Slings and Arrows

This comic from Unearthed Comics is perfect. Last Friday was another day of walking on eggshells at our house. I am raising my daughter as a single parent. 790 more words