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How I Finally Got With The Program (Part 2)

I read alcoholism memoirs for years before it clicked. I remember thinking from time to time whether I might have a problem, but denial and insanity were quick to swoop in and tell me I was… 742 more words


My private emotional roller-coaster.

I’m elated today.   I keep breaking into spontaneous dance moves while my daughter looks at me with her little smirk wondering what the hell is wrong with her crazy mom.   332 more words


Where Addiction Science Meets the 12 Steps

“Research is dispelling the notion that addiction is simply a disease of craving,” says Dr. David Sack in a Psychology Today article. Sack says that when the professional community devalues the Twelve Step programs it can make the… 31 more words

Your Kids Suck at Summer. P.S. You're a Terrible Parent.

I don’t have an elaborate introduction to this piece, other than to say I’ve been writing it in my head for five weeks. The topic at hand is one that worked its way into my brain snippet by snippet. 999 more words


Why I Haven’t Written in a Long Time. Again. But For Longer.

Hello, all. I still exist.

I’m sure this comes as a relief to you, since you’ve probably been refreshing your browsers every morning and night, praying to be afforded the opportunity to read yet another of my miniature literary masterpieces. 1,871 more words

Hey Sis....

July 10th is a very special day for my family.  This is the day that my sister, Darlene, was born.   The youngest daughter, and second youngest sibling.  773 more words

Art...the Colorful Palette Of My Life