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How Am I Doing, REALLY??

This morning we discussed the idea that we are participating in a “New Life” now that we are on the sober path. I relate to this in a huge way. 749 more words

Quitting Wine

#380 - "at an end"

“at an end”


he sounds

at an end

as if his life

got packed

too tightly,

numbed into

a corner

so small

there is no room… 22 more words


Uncomfortableness and PAIN, acceptance and PEACE

Today was HARD. It was emotional. For many reasons, some of which I can write about and some I have to hold in confidence, which is fine, the nature of some of my work and my natural inclination allows me to have practiced holding difficult things. 472 more words

Mental Health

#379 - 3 Haiku

3 Haiku



long cold wait; no bus

I pace, talk to myself like

a crazy person



granny’s soft, warm face

so glad I can’t remember… 14 more words


Day 9 - still sober thanks to LifeRing

Today is day 9 of being sober. This is the longest I have been sober for a long time. It feels great. It feels like a fog has lifted and I can breathe freely once again. 615 more words


Gratitude for Sobriety and Running

(This is a long-ish post and It does have something to do with running, if you’re willing to stick with all the AA talk at the start) 1,602 more words


Letter to the Obsessor

The single-subject Facebook obsessor.

You know who I’m talking about. This is the guy whose entire life is centered around a singular cause. He’s infatuated with it. 1,002 more words