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hunger of the cult

WOW I’ve never had a dream about escaping a cult before!

I was entranced by where this team of people lived, a breathtaking ocean view from a pretty tasteful modern home: crisp clean white linens a dock a boat grayish blue wooden floors and mismatched floral china dishes. 281 more words

Happiness in Recovery

Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.
–Anne Frank

A bunch of years ago I heard the then sheriff of Hinds County Mississippi comment something like “Whether you are a corporate executive or a prisoner doing long time, each person has 24 hours in their day and will make decisions about how to use that time.” 316 more words

Endigar 526 ~ Centering Our Thoughts

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

When World War II broke out, our A.A. dependence on a Higher Power had its first major test.   A.A.’s entered the services and were scattered all over the world.  273 more words

Tools for Recovery: Let Go and Let God Box

When I hold a death grip on everything in my life, and then things do not go may way, I find myself stuck in fear. Then I try to control every thing even more. 433 more words


drinking your way to dreamland

i lived in san francisco for 2 years after college and it was a very weird time for me, not too good mostly but probably formative in one way or another, i mean what isn’t? 1,001 more words

When Did It Become Cool To Be An Alcoholic?

I don’t get it. But it’s been happening for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure even I did it during my teenage years. 1,218 more words

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