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If Loving You is Wrong I Want to be Right

“After I finished my water bottle of vodka…” Miguel says calmly with no sense of self destruction, or maybe a total sense.
When we talk it’s like our youth is far behind us, I’m twenty-seven and Miguel is twenty-six. 327 more words


The Countdown (up?) to 90 Days: Why the F?

First of all, I never had any intention of making my blog exclusively about recovery. However, it’s apparently gotten a pretty huge response from a wide variety of readers. 1,306 more words



Today, I just want to cry. I have cried. I don’t have any words of wisdom. No anecdotal story to share. I ate a cupcake but it didn’t taste as good. 276 more words

After I've slipped up once

Three days ago, I messed up. I had gone the longest without ANY self harm behaviour (drinking or cutting OR overdosing) but then I slipped up. 126 more words


Who has one of these on their Christmas list?

Bushmills whiskey

Bottles of expensive, toxic, addictive, destructive alcohol/ethanol


Peace Face

Everyone is searching for something.

Without having a definite grasp on what, in fact, the search is for….it could take an eternity to reach that desired destination that will reward you with the peace that the search promises. 85 more words


Freedom: the Gift of Recovery

Got a few resentments in AA?  Certain personalities in meetings annoying you?   Big Book thumpers causing internal eye-rolling?  Somewhere inside, are you thinking you may be able to manage your alcoholism yourself – that it’s really not such a big deal? 1,009 more words