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Reports: Blazers offer Aldridge max contract

LaMarcus Aldridge of Portland Trail Blazers offered max extension – ESPNEDITIONS:USAESPAÑOLMoreAustraliaBrazilUnited KingdomCITIES:BOSTONCHICAGODALLASLOS ANGELESNEW YORKESPN NBA

A warrant charging forgery.

Shortly after my grandmother’s birth in the summer of 1910, her father, J. Thomas Aldridgedecamped for Shaw University.  Dudley’s colored school went only through eighth grade, so Tom, already in his late 20s, had to start in Shaw’s preparatory division. 167 more words

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The Affordable Art and Design Fair

For the last few months, myself and other ladies from the Made By collective have been planning and organising an art and design fair to be held in an old light aircraft top hangar. 73 more words


Ten out of ten.

If you have ever met me in person, the word “athlete” is unlikely to have crossed your mind unless it was in the form “Well, he’s no athlete, is he?”

Andrew Clayton

Lot no. 2 is sold at the courthouse door.

On 1902, George W. Aldridge and his siblings received their shares of their father’s landholdings just north of Dudley, Wayne County. Three years later, George lost his at sheriff’s sale:

Goldsboro Weekly Argus, 15 June 1905.

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Confederate Citizens File: Mathew Aldridge.

Form of the estimate and assessment of agricultural products agreed upon by the assessor and tax-payer, and the value of the portion thereof to which the government is entitled, which is taxed in kind, in accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of “an Act to lay taxes for the common defence and carry on the government of the Confederate States,” said estimate and assessment to be made as soon as the crops are ready for market. 168 more words

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Three Colours Yellow

Please forgive the following rant.

We live in a world of bright and simple colours.

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