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Alec: Chapter 2 Part 4

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Chapter 2: Part 4

Oregon was boring when you couldn’t leave the house. Alec had told me a couple days back that that was where we had stopped. 584 more words


Hear, Ye! Hear Ye! Serfdom is back

#stop voting for Republicans gov bans Minimum Wage Increase and Paid Sick Leave. If I hear another one of these phonies talk about job creation, I’ll see my dinner again. 101 more words


The Reagan Crack Journey

The Reagan-Bush Era 
Iran Hostage Crisis Subterfuge
’October Surprise’ And ‘Iran-Contra’
“…. the Republican Party to go to extraordinary lengths to manipulate the popular vote…. 19,852 more words
Alec And Hemp

Città di Ossa: capitolo 1

Nel capitolo primo di Città di Ossa, Facciamo subito conoscenza con Clary, Simon, Jace, Isabelle, i figli della notte, i demoni… E un sacco di altra roba. 2,734 more words


Thought for today. Rich Vs. the rest of us

While Surfing the net this morning
I found this term concerning the Republican Party, “money guys”. The poster suggests there are the money guys that really control the party and the nut cases that constitute the base voters. 180 more words