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More Evidence That Corporate Interests Are Undermining Public Education

The historian Alan Singer speaks out against the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) for giving in to corporate interests at the HNN: “What we have in the C3 Framework is standard teaching at best but a lot of poor teaching and propaganda as well. 112 more words


ALEC sets sights on unions in state legislature

Just as last year’s elections were heating up, Gov. Susana Martinez told a group of business leaders she was administratively ending pro-union practices protected by law. 1,123 more words


Look out for Wizard's Guide to Wellington free ebook!

This Friday and Saturday the 19th and 20th December – American Time – Wizard’s Guide to Wellington will be free on Amazon.

Tell all your friends so  they too can explore the magic of Wellington – even if they are thousands of miles away! 77 more words

Progressives Form Néw Group to Counter ALEC

Democratic progressives have launched a new organization to counter ALEC at the state level. It is called the State Innovation Exchange, or SIX.

Its goal is to… 102 more words


Cafe Discretions.

This is a collaborative piece and is classed as erotic fiction.  Reader discretion is advised as it contains adult content.   Cafe Discretions is a wonderful collaboration with a fantastic writing partner;  3,960 more words


Gov. Bobby Jindal grants a rare (and entirely fictitious) interview with LouisianaVoice on several U.S. politicos


You’ve got to hand it to Gov. Bobby Jindal. If he ever knew when to shut up, he’s doing a dandy job of concealing that knowledge. 1,807 more words

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