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Study Skills Advice

As I mentioned back in June, this fall I’ll be teaching a brand new first-year seminar to incoming college students, in which I’ve decided to include some explicit instruction in study skills. 63 more words

Chad Raymond


Beware the effect, the cause, recollect the applause for the lost laws allowing the knowledge to pause, and contain the plain symptoms of pain… we’re at the grain in the rock, harvest the vein that runs through the lane to the fast vast grass on the narrows, it’s time to refrain and accept, the music that plays will be you connecting the dots in this valley of self-taughts, and the name of the game: continue all the same, and maintain.


Getting Offensive

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, has a terrific piece on “Building a progressive alternative to ALEC” in The Washington Post… 402 more words

The Minimum Wage, Indiana, and ALEC

In 2013, the self-proclaimed small-government champions that make up the supermajorities in our General Assembly, with a rubber stamp from our Governor, passed Senate Enrolled Act 213… 340 more words

Email Reveals Fracker Rodrigues was Warned about ALEC before He Pushed Their Bills

By Carl-John X Veraja

Rep. Ray Rodrigues (District 76) has pushed several wildly unpopular bills in the last couple of years, most of which were… 616 more words

Enviro Wars Of Southwest Florida

Oppose 2014 Missouri Amendment 1 (so-called Right to Farm)

The big winners with A1, besides Monsanto and CAFOS, will be the Bar Association. I dont’ see how it won’t pass, with its wording so blatantly in favor of its passage it is ridiculous, and in violation of MO Stat 116.155(2)) and Monsanto’s sales-pitch that this is in some way gonna help the independent farmer (that Monsanto wishes to gobble up), and if you oppose it you must a liberal vegetarian in alignment with PETA and HSUS (quite the effective pitch…..I’m amazed at how many conservative farmers have bought the lie, but they tend to be too busy tending their farms in mid summer to really research what this is about.) Gotta hand it to Monsanto for technique and mastering deception. 122 more words