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AWK If pattern not found in one out of two similar lines, print line with pattern found

Good day,


There are two lines, the field separator is comma. Therefore, each line have 6 fields.



If field five is empty, don’t print that line. 41 more words

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Neutron Collision

Walking the fine line of progressive trance music and you will find Dutch producer Lex van der Horst alias Alejandro Andaluz right in the middle of all things. 60 more words


Copying array change data from C_CONTIGUOS to F_CONTIGUOUS

Please consider the example below:

import numpy as np
pos = np.random.rand(3,1000)
k   = np.random.randint(0,1000,1000) #this is just a random index to walk the array

print pos.flags
… 162 more words
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Let Me Hold You

“Let Me Hold You” is the latest artist track by Dutch producer Lex van der Horst alias Alejandro Andaluz. With a new tracks on the list Alejandro Andaluz staying true to his style with elegant and sometimes emotional melodies and unique nature. 28 more words


The Story of Everything

The combination of Trance and mediterranean Alejandro Andaluz gives you firework on the dance-floor and of course in your living room. Following superstars as Armin van Buuren, Andy Moor, Cosmic Gate and Above & Beyond, it’s now turn to Alejandro Andaluz to put Trance Music to the next level. 95 more words