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Another change!

The week before we broke up for the Easter holiday, is when we decided to hand out our scripts to the actors. However when we spoke to Mr Spencer, he told us that he wouldn’t be able to give up much free time as his timetable is pretty full. 86 more words

Movie Opening Journey

101 things to do rather than revise

So exam leave is coming as so is many dreaded Alevels, so here is a list of the best procrastination techniques (*hint hint*, all other websites tell you to avoid this dredded procrastination – my view is, if I write a list of everything I could do, I’d eventually get bored and get round to doing work!). 1,402 more words


Step away from the crowd, be yourself!

I’m not one to criticise, well I guess maybe a little. Recently I’ve been thinking and stressing over my future, who wouldn’t? It’s something we always do; admit it! 516 more words


200 Vocational A Levels to be offered from September 2014


From September, 200 vocational A Levels will be offered to students targeted at boosting skills most desirable to employers.

The new qualifications will include areas such as agriculture, engineering and IT, and will be supported by the likes of Siemens, BAE and Canon. 57 more words

Hello there!!! My friend is studying psychology at a level and he was interested in any fears people might have and what caused them and I was wondering if you could help him out :) much appreciated my lovelies! 

pressure = density / mass

My first exam is exactly two months and one day away. However, having surrounded myself with people who positively impact my outlook towards education, I am on the way to feeling confident about this exam season. 310 more words

If I could take five items...

I’ve always been quite curious regarding a number of different things in my life. I’ve always wondered why the future always confuses me, and why certain things pan out the way we don’t want them to.  419 more words