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May/ June 2014, Variant 11: Explained.


Hi, ya’ll!

I’ve managed to access the most recent paper set yet, the May/ June 2014 exam series, and am going to start reasoning Paper 11 very, very soon. 23 more words

A surprise

Now, as per usual it’s getting somewhat late as I write this however I want to post an update.

Today we had our chemistry test and to my surprise, it was actually pretty easy.   485 more words

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Assessment Week!

The end of the week is here which of course means that monday is right around the corner.  Now usually and I’m sure for most of the weeks I will be looking forward towards the start of the week for some more of my AS-level courses however this week, on only my second week, I’m not not really looking forward to it. 659 more words

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A levels are whipping my ass.

So first week of sixth form is done, and I can safely say that a levels will be the death of me. I’ve encountered a lot of emotions this week, and quite francally sharing it, seems to enlighten myself. 295 more words

BTEC Stigma

Last year I applied to do A levels, during my AS year I noticed that A levels were just not for me, i found that in order for me to achieve well i need to be focused fully on one subject, i am not surprised to say that i passed gracefully in one subject but did not do so well in my other 2, the subject i passed in was sociology, and i remember sitting in my sociology class one day and our teacher started talking about A levels and BTECs and i remeber sitting in that lesson feeling well like a lemon because i knew that next year i wanted to do a BTEC, not because i am stupid, not because i cant do A levels but because i felt it was more beneficial for me to focus completely on 1 subject then to spread my concentration out on 3 or 4, but in that lesson the whole class were talking about college students as though they were expecting a better future outcome then them, its not a surprise to say i felt slightly embarrassed to say anything in that discussion because in a way they were looking down on the future me. 233 more words

Mind Map of Initial ideas

Below is a image of a mind map which I created in order to get some inspiration and ideas to start the planning process. I find making mind maps a much easier way to organize my ideas. 48 more words


Do you see what I see?

Teenage hood brings about a variety of problems. Spots being one of them. Infinite amounts of revision being another. But one issue that intrigues me greatly is not something necessarily obvious to every young person in the world. 515 more words