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Looking Up

After a summer of non-stop stress and anxiety things are starting to settle down.

I have been accepted by all my Universities and I am working really hard to maintain my grades so all should go very well. 144 more words

Update: Today and long before

It has been approximately 2 weeks since the start of A levels, and to be honest, its a bit more lax than I’d imagined. Which is… a worry. 249 more words



I’m sorry that I didn’t post like I promised I would, everything just got a bit chaotic! With three kittens and a dog running around, seven Alevels to keep on top of, teaching people to read, and mentoring another person, along with lots of other stuff, I’ve been quite busy! 127 more words

Hectic and Happy

Greetings readers! It has been quite a hiatus for this blog. And yeah, the title is short enough to describe my schedule as a student. Deadly. 211 more words

Dream High


Recently I finished my year 13 media coursework, in which I chose to produce a fan culture edition of a movie magazine. Within this I wrote several reviews of films, books and TV shows including some personal favourites of mine like Doctor Who, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Love Rosie, both book and film. 964 more words

Iconic Magazine - front cover

When I designed my magazine took care to follow the codes and conventions of a music magazine similar with mine . First of all the… 156 more words


Page 5...

Yesterday was seamlessly good, especially considering it was the first day back at school. It’s today that has had a wrong stitch. It’s today that I am told that yet again, people I believe to be friends prove they are not. 413 more words

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