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Animal Crackers

A popular defence of Marxism is that it was “funnier at the time”, and while this may be true, from a modern perspective we can’t help but see it as a template for totalitarianism. 330 more words


A Bronx Tale

This is the story of a young boy called C (Lillo Brancato and Franci Capra) and the challenges he faces growing up in a rough New York neighbourhood. 400 more words


The Woodsman

Sex offending is one of the toughest subjects you can tackle in a film, but there are some great examples of how to do it right. 180 more words


Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

A pair of brothers decide to rob a jewellery store, but when they bungle the heist, it sets in motion a chain of events that rocks their family to its very core. 257 more words

Retro Review

Raising Cain

To paraphrase my co-Goblin Dan, “Brian De Palma totally kisses Alfred Hitchcock’s butt”. I said in my recent review of Dressed to Kill that it was in many ways an extension of Hitchcock’s themes and ideas, and Raising Cain continues in this vein. 254 more words


Blog: Cinematic Crescendos

It’s conventional movie wisdom that the most exciting stuff should happen at the end. But there are some films which crescendo in a notably incredible way, going from humble beginnings to a finale which is phenomenally loud, scary, or emotional. 716 more words

Alex Chafey

The Fifth Element

In the distant past, alien protectors came to earth to defend it in times of emergency, but have remained hidden for millennia. Now, in the future, humans are in need as they face termination at the hands of Zorg (Gary Oldman), and the mysterious “Fifth Element” is sent to Earth in human form. 251 more words