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11 vs 12

Peter Capaldi will be joining the Doctor Who cast as Matt Smith announces he will be leaving Doctor Who as of June 1st, 2013. Capaldi will be taking over Smith’s role as the Doctor in series 8, which is set to premiere near the end of July, 2014. 221 more words

Alex Kingston

Review: Croupier (1998)

A bundle of contesting contradictions, Mike Hodges’ Croupier (1998) is a good film that should’ve been great, says Joseph Attard.

It would be fair to say that Mike Hodges’ … 568 more words


From Leadworth to Trenzalore: How the Eleventh Doctor rewrote the past and the future

Oh look, another off-cut from the Matt Smith thing I wrote for DWM #470. Again, it didn’t quite fit the bill – it’s that… 722 more words

The Eleventh Doctor

The Crosby's Broken Leg Trip!

10 people, 3 cars, thousands worth of camera gear, a butt load of booze, camping gear and cigarettes traveled all the way to Hobart a few weeks ago for the… 150 more words

Will Crosby

The Wank Bank #2

Three images that need to see the light of day!

Jakob Bowden  pegs down the Glenorchy rail.

Sam Humphrey feeble bar.

I call this one “Sam by Nine” … 18 more words


In Class Photoshop Exercise

So we were supposed to mash up two celebrity faces to see what their kids would look like using photoshop. I chose Alex Kingston (River Song) and Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor) since on Doctor Who their characters are married and they would probably have really cute time babies. 29 more words


Doctor Who Review: 'The Impossible Astronaut' & 'Day of The Moon'

In this episode, The Doctor visits America.  He also gets shot to death.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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