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The end of year eleven snuck up on my friends and I faster than we expected and soon we found ourselves experiencing our ‘lasts’ together and of course there were those signature end-of-year tears (mainly from me though, I must add). 452 more words

Matt Smith


Half ‘90’s nostalgia featuring such paraphernalia Clive Owen’s choice of hair (who does he think he is? Spike from Buffy? Gunther from Friends?), Alex Kingston pre-Doctor Who and ER, and the last thrust at the “Vegas, baby!” genre, half actual film, you can enjoy each for what it is, or enjoy the blend that comprises Croupier. 673 more words

Guest Writers

Chasing Shadows S01E01 - Only Connect pt. I

A Chasing Shadows egy brit krimi mini-sorozat, négy részből áll, ebből is látszik, hogy nem nagyon emelkedik égi magasságokba. Az igazat megvallva, én két ember miatt kezdtem el nézni. 406 more words


An Unearthly Podcast’s Mind of Moffat: The Wedding of River Song

“The Wedding of River Song” marks the end of River’s season plot. Is it sad to see her go, or great to watch her leave?

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