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Introducing another Flickr album - Tank top Steve

Continuing with our Steve McGarrett Flickr collections. Decided to admire his strong shoulders and bulging biceps this time. Don´t you always picture him squeezing you tight :) 8 more words

Steve McGarrett

Season 5 Promos resized

Here are some of the H50 Season 5 promo pics resized for full screen wallpaper use. Thanks to AOLww and @mymaximus for providing us with the wonderful originals.

Alex O'Loughlin

The Steve McGarrett Story – No #102

We continue our story from here

So does everybody in America or Hawaii drive around with a chainsaw in their car, just in case they need to cut down a tree? 1,183 more words

Steve McGarrett

H50 5.09 - Steve and his 1200$ tree

Oy, what a frustrating episode this was for an Alex fan. I wish we had been told in advance, that he would not be really part of it. 66 more words

Alex O'Loughlin