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Suck it Trebek

When I was a teenager, I took a Driver’s Ed course offered by my local public school. It was competitive to enroll, because it was far more affordable than taking classes through a private company, but still met the state requirements to get your license. 590 more words


Helpful Hints

If you’re like me, Sunday mornings consist of sitting down to a nice hot breakfast and reading a newspaper or two. Of course, I am always the one who cooks said breakfast, but the Jarhead does his part by feeding the cats, making the coffee, and retrieving the papers from the box outside. 626 more words

A-to-Z Challenge Day Six: False Trivia (For Everyday Situations)

So today, for the letter “F,” I have decided to talk about something that I had thrown around a few years ago with a friend. I had a habit of bringing up what I called “false trivia” that are essentially lies based on kernels of truth. 429 more words


Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of 'Jeopardy!' With 10 Of Its Funniest (And Weirdest) Moments

Jeopardy! celebrated its 50th birthday this week. That’s 50 years of Daily Doubles, 50 years of awkward small talk with the contestants and 50 years of blurting out nonsense answers at home. 316 more words


Alex Trebek Got OWNED! (Video)

Alex Trebek just got OWNED! LMAO! Watch this contestant insult the crap out of his suit on Jeopardy. RUE THE DAY TREBEK! (SNL reference….sorry)

Show After Show

Jeopardy! Chat: That's gonna leave a mark.

Skip ahead to 1:25 to see one of the sickest burns ever.


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'Jeopardy' Gets REALLY Awkward-Watch Video

Being a host of a show, you come across many interesting people, and some of those people stop you dead in your tracks leaving you, well, speechless! 158 more words