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Double Jeopardy

Slice 55 of 365

I feel stupid much of my waking hours these days. Many things make me feel that way, work, the news, Facebook, the past, hanging out with smart people, life in general. 245 more words

Common Grammar Mistakes: Word Mix-Ups

On Jeopardy! I often notice how contestants are penalized for mispronouncing the answer. In one such case a contestant said “Barren Sea” instead of Bering… 355 more words


Infinite Nothingness of Trebek's Mustache

“All right. So, how I got on Jeopardy, and how it did not change my life at all.

I think I blame/thank my parents for an obsession with trivia, because when I was a kid they had these Brain Game flashcards, and I sort of grew up on these long skinny decks of cards; they had versions of these for mostly just sort of general questions and general knowledge stuff, starting with kindergarten and all the way up until…the last ones I remember was, ah, must have been seven or eight or so. 1,393 more words


The place for hookers, cooking — and a game show

Who watches the cable news network (er, you know — CNN) for news anymore? Well, the way Jeff Zucker is evidently thinking… no one.

Earlier today, a report surfaced that… 418 more words


Bitter With Age

Anyone else here a fan of the 7pm block of TV through the weekdays (when you’re not at the bar for happy hour)? That’s the time when you kick back and tell yourself that you could just as easily been on the tube making thousands of dollars answering random trivia questions. 306 more words


Stephen Colbert's Final Sign Off Brought Everything Back Full Circle To 'The Daily Show'

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In what may have been a preemptive strike at The Simpsons, Stephen Colbert’s final Colbert Report sign off closed with a classic Colbert toss back to Jon Stewart, who then closed the show with a nostalgic Moment of Zen. 103 more words