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Handle database error when using connect-mongo

I’ve got a fairly standard connect-mongo setup

mongoose is initialised / connected prior to this

    secret: "sfdgsdgsdfg",
    store: new MongoSessionStore({db: mongoose.connection.db})

This works fine. 144 more words

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Alexa Fakso is a skate photographer who started out in the 90’s. He then grew an interest for graffiti and moved onto photohraphing it, which led to record the process of graffiti writers in London. 40 more words


Professional interview

I started this project by first looking for professionals to interview, in the field of advertising, as this is the filed that my dissertation will be exploring, so by looking for a professional to interview it would help furfure my dissertations research. 730 more words


From input tag to href

I want to pass the parameter written in input tag as a parameter in “a href” tag


 <input type="text" id="qta_field""/>


<a href="/updateArticle">update</a>

How can i solve it?Thanks… 12 more words

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Display ViewModel value with @Html.DropDownListFor

Let’s say my database has a reference table that maps the values Zebra, Goat, and Dog onto the keys 0, 1, and… 123 more words

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Currency Conversion in Java

I’m trying to parse a html tag so far I got the text which can be as follows:

“Guide Price £50,000″



or even… 118 more words

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Healing Encounters on Aisle 8

Frazzled and exhausted by another ten-hour day at the end of our second week of medical school, the two of us made our way from the clinic to the grocery store on a mission to get chips and dip. 1,150 more words