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Cocoa's Epigram

I am his Highness’ dog at Kew; 

Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?

The epigrammatic poem above was written by Alexander Pope (1688-1744). Pope wrote many famous epigrams,  278 more words


An essay on man - Alexander Pope

The following lines are a part of Popes “An Essay on man”. Published in 1734, this poem tells us the brutal truth about ourselves, about mankind. 189 more words

Worth Reading And Pondering!

I just thought I’d share this with you all! If you’re familiar or not familiar with Alexander Pope’s work, I urge to check it out! I’m sure you can find his work at your local library, or on amazon and other online bookstores. Enjoy!

In defence of Tony Blair

“A little learning” wrote Alexander Pope, “is a dang’rous thing;”.  This brief, catchy line from his essay On Criticism often stands alone as an aphorism, but what follows repays the reader in a weighty dividend of sublime poetry and keen truth: 1,429 more words

Russell Brand

Seal & Lock It Up Inconsiderates!

Why can people NOT keep their thoughts to themselves? Why can people NOT keep their lips sealed? Is it a difficult challenge that people must rebel against? 498 more words

Owl Be Livin'

Don't love to love yah Alexander Pope

Here’s why Alexander Pope is so great.  I love him but I don’t love to love him.  Actually I don’t love HIM at all.  There is nothing contextual or biographically endearing about Pope to contaminate the purity of my regard for his verse.  425 more words

Lepanto and Other Poems

I have committed myself to reading one poem a day through 2015. Here are my quick thoughts about those of the last week…

8th January 2015… 1,109 more words

Nineteenth Century Poetry