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Poem of the Week


by Alexander Pope
Happy the man, whose wish and care
A few paternal acres bound,
Content to breathe his native air
In his own ground. 112 more words



Steve Shoemaker wrote this lovely verse after reading Alexander Pope’s Ode on Solitude.

On Reading “Solitude,” written at age 12 by Alexander Pope.

In our time of celebrity… 247 more words


What is the one word most people want to hear and the hardest to say?  “Sorry”

Since 2011, we  have been reminded that un-forgiveness, anger, bitterness can ruin our health.   128 more words


Alexander Pope

A clerihew

Oh, witty Alexander Pope–

As if you hunted with a scope,

You pierced your targets to the heart

With ev’ry pointed verbal dart.

Immortal Verse


Although no longer used as a compound, “bargain” was originally formed in the early 1700s by combining “bar” and “gain”. While the meaning of “gain” is clear, the relevant sense of “bar” is less certain. 383 more words

Immortal Verse

“Ocurre con la gente de mente pequeña lo mismo que con las botellas de cuello estrecho. Cuanto menos contiene, más ruido hacen al vaciarlas.”

Por Alexander Pope


Opening the Fountains

I am here only opening the fountains, and clearing the passage.

Alexander Pope, Introduction to “An Essay on Man”

I posted earlier about my discovery this morning while reading Alexander Pope’s Introduction to “An Essay on Man.”  Though I find his essay very comprehensive in scope, he regarded it as only a beginning, a first movement, a poetic push at a subject to which he intended to return in greater detail later.   318 more words