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Shameless Promotion - "Skarsgard Fans"

A bit of a shameless promotion here as the Skarsgard Fans website now has a new admin (cough*me).

After begging and harassing the wonderful site owner, Barbara, I have been approved to humbly help out over there. 299 more words

Alexander Skarsgård

"The Giver" Digital & DVD Release Dates

Alexander Skarsgard’s latest movie now has both a digital and DVD release date if you are lucky enough to live in the US. 187 more words

Alexander Skarsgård

Skarsgård Is Your New Tarzan.

In reboot news, which seemed to have completely passed us by, Alexander Skarsgård of True Blood fame has been cast as Tarzan in a reboot of the franchise by Warner Bros. 168 more words

Movie News

Reviews of the Past: 'The East'

The next set of reviews we’ll be publishing are some of the ones Roger Thomas has done exclusively for The Stanly News & Press. Roger has written movie reviews for The Stanly News & Press and other outlets for years, long before starting this blog. 680 more words

Overlooked and Under the Radar - The Giver (2014)

Wish this performed better.  So in a seemingly utopian (and a little bit communist) society, teenagers are hand-selected for what occupation they will be doing for the rest of their days.  583 more words


The Giver

Directed by: Phillip Noyce

Based on the novel by: Lois Lowery

Brenton Thwaites – Jonas
Jeff Bridges – The Giver
Meryl Streep – Chief Elder… 1,618 more words


Sweden - "För Sverige - i tiden"

Quick History & Fun Facts

Check out the video below for a brief history and really cool facts about Sweden.

 Welcome to Sweden!

Sweden, or rather The Kingdom of Sweden (yes, a constitutional monarchy), is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe between Norway and Finland. 1,607 more words

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