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I turned 34 last September. That might not seem significant but let me tell you a story. 1,411 more words


Was at the Granicus you braved
The Persian cavalry and saved
His life; the one they now call great
But Cleitus, why do you tempt fate? 121 more words


A Very Present Past

“You started it!”

“We did not start it!”

“Yes you did, you invaded Poland!”

A line to clinch any argument. But also a line from a… 951 more words

Random Thoughts

All about the Erastes, the Eromenos and the Pathikos (Part-2)


A civilized world is one where nothing is taboo – Socrates


‘Abduction of Ganymede’ (painting by Peter Paul Reubens, 1611)


For any female, born in an urban slum or in rural Northern or Central India, there is an 80% likelihood of her being either raped or otherwise sexually abused at least once in her lifetime. 2,575 more words


Word of the Day Poem: Thalassic - growing, living, or found in the sea; marine.


Longing for those words, that one phrase
sits fair Thessalonike, a tearful wail upon her lip
a salty sigh upon her breast.

Not one to be countered, she would live… 125 more words


Antichrist, Greek Empire Roots, Part 1

Daniel 8:23-25 “In the latter period of their rule, when the transgressors have run their course, a king will arise, insolent and skilled in intrigue. 402 more words