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Lambok, Nama yang sangat keren, unik dan masih sangat jarang di muka bumi ini.

Saya yakin namaku ini akan menjadi mashyur dan menyamai nama tokoh-tokoh idola saya, seperti Achilles, Alexander The Great, Abraham Lincoln, Benyamin Franklin, Soekarno, Bill Gates, Donald Trumph, Chairul Tanjung, Napoleon Hill, Carnegie, John C Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Emerson, Warren Buffet

A Prelude to Easter: Christ Past, Present, and Future

There is a reason that Jesus Christ, for bad or good, is still relevant in our modern world. An active belief in Christ is fundamental to all Christians and likewise an active disbelief in Christ is the foundation of many modern-day philosophies. 580 more words

Tiny Thoughts

Marble Heads of Alexander The Great

Head of Alexander, found near the Erechtheion of the Athens Acropolis in 1886. Thought to be an original work of the sculptor Leochares, made around 330 BC. 37 more words

Alexander The Great

The Gonzaga Cameo

The Gonzaga Cameo

3rd century BC

Alexandria; h 15.7 cm

This cameo, a rare example of the large ‘dynastic’ stones of the Hellenistic age, was created in the 3rd century BC in Alexandria. 170 more words

Alexander The Great

Socrates Gone Mad in Southern California

Slomo is a 69 year old man who roller blades in slow motion along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach, California. He does this daily, unceasingly, and is known by nearly everyone who frequents the beach, bars or coffee shops. 471 more words


Temple of the Oracle

Superstition has been around for what seems like forever. And it seems the nets that capture people seem to be never ending. In antiquity during the time before, during and after Alexander the Great was a place known as the Temple of the Oracle. 540 more words