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Alexander the great was one of the emperors who conquered almost all parts of the world. He extended his kingdom from a small kingdom of Macedonia to the very large area, almost whole world. 405 more words

Achieving Dreams

Rule 32 and Alexander the Great

Rule 32. There is a solution to every problem.

I grew up with my mother telling me, “There are no problems, only solutions.” I never forgot it, but didn’t entirely agree. 242 more words

Farming The Dream

People: Confessions in the Cyberspace

“The tomb in Amphipolis has been built to be great”

Archeologist and writer Noelle Baxer gives her arguments on the excavations in Amphipolis and the reunification of the Parthenon marbles. 25 more words


I love ancient history, but it’s frustrating to only know what individuals looked like through stylized art and cold materials such as bronze and marble. Statues of Alexander the Great may not be true portraits, but instead represent a cultural and artistic ideal, but we can see in photos of Elvis Presley that he certainly would have been considered a classic male in 3rd-4th centuries BCE.


"Alexander the Great" Tomb Update: Mosaic Floor Uncovered!

More excitement at Amphipolis as archaeologists revealed a beautiful mosaic, mostly intact depicting the abduction of Persephone into the Underworld – a popular tale in Greek Mythology.  182 more words

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#AceHistory2ResearchNews – GREECE – October 20 – The imposing mosaic unearthed in the burial mound complex at Amphipolis in northern Greece might contain the best-ever portrait of Alexander the Great as a young man, according to a new interpretation of the stunning artwork, which depicts the abduction of Persephone. 111 more words