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In the life of Alexander the great as narrated by Plutarch, he tells of a scene between Alexander and some Indian philosophers whom he asks each a question and promises to kill any whom he thinks not pertinent to be put to the sword and had one of them as judge. 212 more words

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Strange love of linen, or how I learned to stop an arrow (and enjoy the process)

Guest post by Scott Bartell

I blame Alexander the Great. Because of him, I’ve had to pore over close to a hundred ancient Greek and Roman texts, repeatedly scan and document armor variations on over a thousand Greek vase paintings and sculptures, learn more about the flax plant than I ever thought was possible, and get shot multiple times with arrows by my former history professor (who was, thankfully, a skilled enough archer for me to be here today and writing this post). 801 more words


Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne

these couplets can be read together or separately

In Livia’s secret garden,

The flora and fauna live together in harmony

Hylas reaches for his shining pitcher, 68 more words


Vast tomb unearthed in northern Greece

Archaeologists uncover entrance to important tomb from reign of warrior-king Alexander the Great

A partial view of the site where archaeologists are excavating an ancient mound in Amphipolis, northern Greece Photo: Alexandros Michailidis/AP… 520 more words


Entry to Ancient Tomb Uncovered in Greece

Originally posted on New Historian

Archaeologists have uncovered a humongous ancient tomb that is believed to have direct connections with Alexander the Great, the great king who conquered vast expanses of the ancient world right from Greece all the way to India. 73 more words



Now I have three people asking “What on earth are you doing in Uzbekistan?” or more specifically Samarkand. I will endeavor to elucidate. A long time ago, when at school, we were all compelled to read the works of James Elroy Flecker, not only a poet but also an alumni of the school. 551 more words