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#otdimjh 26 November 1845 Death of Rabbi Michael Solomon Alexander, First Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem

The Jewish Encylopedia summarises Alexander’s life and work:

First Anglican bishop of Jerusalem; born of Jewish parents at Schönlanke, in the grand duchy of Posen, May, 1799; died at Belbeis, Egypt, November 23, 1845. 1,276 more words


wait another thread before continuing

how can I allow a thread to write only if no one is reading the file ?
if a thread tries to write , and there are others who are reading has to wait for others to end up reading before writing. 162 more words

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Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty

A lovely girl from farfetch.com emailed me today to bring to my attention a little something they had made to show Alexander McQueens most memorable shows and as a tribute to his fantastic work. 277 more words


Now on The Book of Face

Alex the Writer is now on Facebook! Follow me here for all of my future poetry postings, short stories and further updates concerning my novel, Night Fever.


NaNoWriMo Day 25

The Words: 2045 written today. I had to squeeze some in during the afternoon and then a bit more before we had another Skype meeting of the TCSTB (revising a novel I finished earlier this year). 295 more words

Daily Progress

Defining an inline extension method

Consider the following code:

Func<int,bool> hasFullAccess = (mask => mask % 2 == 1);
foreach (AccessControlEntry ace in (IEnumerable)usrAcl)
    if (hasFullAccess(ace.AccessMask)

How can I tell the Func that it is an extension method, such that I can do… 20 more words

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NaNoWriMo Day 24

The Words: 2063 written today. Today’s writing put me past my total from last year, which was 90,228. Before that, I’d always written 50k within a few days from the end and that was it. 191 more words

Daily Progress